OVERKILL’S The Walking Dead; New Information About Characters, Platforms, Development And More

The Walking Dead

A new Walking Dead game is under development and it is not a Telltale game. Starbreeze Studios and Overkill, the developers of the widely popular criminal heist game ‘Payday’ have joined forces with Skybound and 505 Games to bring the new post-apocalyptic zombie first-person-shooter, OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead.

I tried contacting the developers with a bunch of questions related to the gameplay, microtransactions and online mechanics to settle my curiosity, but sadly there was no response. However, Comics Beat did get a few questions answered. In the interview with Comics Beat, Executive Producer┬áSaul Gascon revealed quite a few details about the upcoming Walking Dead, its development, gameplay and the universe. Let’s dive right in.

Story and Characters

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is centred around four main characters, one of which is Aidan, who was revealed in the latest trailer.

Overkill’s Walking Dead will tell an original story specially crafted for the game, within the Walking Dead universe. The storyline will be completely new, specifically set a few months after the outbreak, along with a bunch of new characters. Players will explore a setting that has never been explained in any of the comics, shows or web series.


The game has been in development since 2014. Gascon says, “It’s been great for us to have the time to see the game evolve to its current state. We look forward to showing it off next year and get people excited about its fall 2018 release”.

Gameplay Experience

The new Walking Dead game will surely build on some of the strengths and learnings from Starbreeze and Overkill’s earlier co-op shooter, Payday, but will offer players a brand new concept and experience. It will be a four-player co-op experience, letting players fight the dead as well as the living. Additionally, each playable character will have their unique skills, role in the group and more.

“They’ve been a great partner and it’s been a really collaborative process”, Gascon says about Skybound. “Not only do we work with them on the characters, but also, we’ve been working side-by-side with them on creating the main story of the game, to ensure Kirkman’s universe is properly projected.”

Comic Universe or Television Universe?

The new Walking Dead game is built around the same universe as the comics.

OPINION: I haven’t seen the show, nor have I read the comics. But I’ve watched the new trailer and it looks cool. (Please don’t hate me)

What’s new?

The new Walking Dead will deliver a unique experience that fans will really enjoy. Even though we’ve had a Telltale series and bunch of mobile strategy games based on the same, Gascon confirms we will be immersed in the new universe.

And the most important thing he revealed – The game will come to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

So that’s all. Whether or not the game is releasing next year, I’m super hyped for it. I haven’t played a lot of zombie games but I really think the new Walking Dead would worth my money. And most importantly, it is coming to PC. Much more excitement! Make sure you subscribe to our push-notifications and never miss an updated related to Overkill’s The Walking Dead and video games in general. Until next time, Happy Gaming!

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