Since its launch, Overwatch 2 has been through a lot of flak. One of its plaguing issues seems to be the existence of game-breaking bugs that have led Blizzard to disable several of its heroes. The first one was Bastion and Torbjorn, who had exploits with their characters discovered within the first week. Recently, we had Mei disabled because of a bug with her ice wall. Players have now found a bug occurring with Brigitte when she’s on a team with Kiriko.

The Infinite Shield Bug

This bug has existed since the days of Overwatch 1 but has now resurfaced in a new form. It restores Brigitte’s shield prematurely after it breaks and leaves it at 1 HP. However, it won’t go below 1 HP, leaving you invincible from the front of the shield. You can still die through splash damage and attacks from other vulnerable areas.

The shield grants invincibility for as long as you don’t die. However, you cannot perform your Shield Bash skill when the bug is on.

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For the bug to happen, you’ll need Kiriko to activate her Ultimate ability just after Brigitte breaks her shield. The ultimate needs to happen before it starts regenerating so that it comes back up with invincibility. Several players have recorded and posted the bug through Reddit, while YouTubers have also made the bug happen.

It may mean that Brigitte and Kiriko will stay on the shelf, similar to other bugged heroes. There is a good chance that Kiriko will be disabled because many players complained that her ultimate ibugs other heroes too.

Players’ Thoughts on the Bug

Feedback after the discovery of the bug has ranged from outrage to indifference. Some players believe it should be left in the game since it doesn’t grant Brigitte complete invincibility. The inability to shield bash is a good payoff, and other players can still kill her when flanking or using splash damage. Others believe that these heroes should be put on the shelf immediately as it is effective competitive play.

A Sign of a Deeper Issue for Overwatch 2

The discoveries of new bugs and exploits are a recurring theme. It may point to a deeper issue many players have been pointing out since the game’s launch. Overwatch 2 feels incomplete and rushed. The option to shut down Overwatch 1 and launch the sequel ahead of schedule feels more like a corporate move. As such, the game lacks a lot of polish. Save for the Halloween event; the sequel doesn’t feel like it adds anything new to warrant the name.

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We’re still waiting on new content like the promised single-player experience that would define Overwatch 2. Other than that, players are still sad about losing the ability to get free skins, meaning there is no way to progress in the game except through ranks. Blizzard has been criticized by the gaming community because many of their moves feel out of touch.

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