Overwatch 2 Coming to Steam – Will There Be Exclusive Rewards?

Overwatch 2 Coming to Steam - Will There Be Exclusive Rewards - Featured

The gaming cosmos buzzed with electrifying anticipation as the news broke: Overwatch 2 is coming to Steam! This big change in Blizzard’s approach is more than just news; it’s a move that could change the way gaming works for millions of people around the world and could change Blizzard’s place in the business.

Blizzard’s Shift from Battle.net Exclusivity

For years, Blizzard and Battle.net have been as inseparable as a well-coordinated Overwatch team. This exclusivity has been a fortress, providing Blizzard with control, data, and a dedicated player base. But come August 10, the fortress opens its gates. Overwatch 2’s arrival on Steam is a bold move, one that’s sparked a flurry of speculation and excitement.

Why this shift, and why now? The answer lies in the numbers.

  • With Steam’s user base crossing 120 million in 2021, the potential for reaching a broader audience is immense.

But it’s not just about numbers –  it’s about diversity and inclusivity, bringing together gamers from different platforms under one banner.

And Overwatch 2 might be the beginning.

  • With a treasure trove of games in Blizzard’s arsenal, from the fantasy realms of World of Warcraft to the strategic battles of StarCraft, the possibilities are tantalizing.
  • Could we see these titles follow Overwatch 2’s footsteps? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the gaming world is watching, and the stakes have never been higher.

Integration of Steam Features

Steam’s arrival in the Overwatch 2 arena brings with it a treasure trove of features. Imagine earning achievements that showcase your gaming prowess or connecting with friends for a quick match, all within the Steam ecosystem

It’s a step up for the player, like the rush of energy from a well-done ultimate ability. However, there’s a catch: to play on different platforms, you’ll need to link your Battle.net account. It’s a small step for players, but a big step for Overwatch 2’s integration into the Steam world.

Overwatch 2: Invasion – New Content

Prepare for an invasion of new content that’s set to redefine the Overwatch 2 battlefield. PvE Story Missions will immerse you in a narrative-driven experience, a thrilling departure from the original Overwatch’s PvP focus.

And speaking of PvP, a brand-new game mode is on the horizon, ready to test your skills on fresh maps. 

Benefits for Gamers and Developers

Overwatch 2’s leap to Steam is a win-win, a sentiment echoed by Valve’s President, Gabe Newell. 

  • For gamers, it’s like unlocking a new achievement: enhanced accessibility and enriched community features
  • For developers, it’s akin to a successful payload push: increased exposure and collaboration opportunities.

The potential for expansion is immense, from a surge in community size to fresh narratives in the game’s lore. Plus, Overwatch 2’s free-to-play model could lower barriers to entry, inviting a wave of new players to join the ranks. 

Speculation on Exclusive Rewards

The idea that Overwatch 2 on Steam will have its own rewards is enticing. Will there be different skins, emotes, or even heroes? Such rewards could be a strong reason for players to move to a different platform.

However, Blizzard remains tight-lipped, leaving us in suspense. Could this be a surprise announcement in the making, or perhaps ongoing negotiations? The speculation adds an extra layer of excitement to the game’s release.


As we wrap up, it’s clear that Overwatch 2’s release on Steam is more than just a game update. It’s a pivotal moment for Blizzard, the gaming community, and the industry. The potential impact is vast, from increased competition and innovation to empowering player choice. As Overwatch’s Tracer would say, “The world could always use more heroes,” and it seems like it needs more platforms, too.

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