Overwatch 2 was recently announced at Blizzcon by Blizzard and the game will be bringing loads of content for the Overwatch fans out there. Amidst all the hype for the sequel of Overwatch, the director has hinted about a feature that will be making its way to Overwatch 2.

In an interaction with Youtuber Samito at Blizzcon 2019, Jeff Kaplan, director of Overwatch, has revealed that they are testing the pinging feature. When the Youtuber asks him about whether the sequel will have a feature to mark targets, he says, “Yes. Actually we have a fantastic lead U.I. designer. His name is Junho Kim, and he was talking to me last week [saying] that he wants to do experiments again with a ping system.”

He mentions how Apex Legends’ pinging system was adored by players and how it would make the game more strategic and direct. He also mentions that the original Overwatch was supposed to have the feature, but it was not up to the mark so it was eventually dropped. The full interview can be found below


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