Well, you heard that right. Amidst all the controversies regarding Hearthstone and Blizzard, Blizzard might be gearing up for another new game. As far as leaks are concerned, Blizzard will be announcing the sequel to its popular eSports title, Overwatch, at Blizzcon 2019.

A popular leaker and streamer, by the name Metro, has revealed some interesting information about Blizzcon 2019 in multiple tweets. First, we have the Overwatch 2 announcement. He reveals the following details about the game :-

  • Overwatch 2 will be PvE AND PvP.
  • Overwatch 2 is gonna have a leveling system that is gonna affect how you can play your hero. The leveling system is gonna change certain abilities of the heroes in the game. I do not know if this feature is PvE only or also PvP. No new hero for OW from what I’ve heard.
  • They are putting all their resources towards releasing OW 2 as fast as possible.
  • I don’t know if competitive will just be moved or if it will be a fusion type of thing. I think it will be a move, possibly even at the start of next season based on the fact the game is called Overwatch 2 and not an expansion to OW.
  • The cinematic will feature alot of heroes, main ones being mei, tracer and winston with young genji appearing. Overwatch logo will appear, then the 2 is gonna be added at the very end. Crowd goes wild, Jeff gets on stage. (dont actually know about when Jeff will show up)

When questioned about the authenticity of the information, he says, “Can’t leak my source but it’s the same one that got all the details right on blizzcon 2 years ago.” and claims the person is “Someone tied directly to a blizz dev.”

Finally, he reveals information about Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered. He says, “For anyone who cares, diablo 4 and diablo 2 remastered will also be announced.” Considering the fact that Overwatch 2 has been rumored for quite some time now, all this might be true. Even though the leaker makes big claims regarding the authenticity of the leak, we must still take it with a grain of salt. That being said, Blizzcon is not far away so we will know details for sure very soon.


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