Blizzard is giving fans a sneak peek into how the new locations will work, as well as how the new formats must be played to come out on top. Devs also verified that the 5v5 change to the way PVP is played in Overwatch 2 will apply to both the original layouts from Overwatch 1 and the new maps.

New York, New York

  • A hybrid map in which the attacking team must first exploit a point before escorting a payload along a route to win. Grand Central Terminal is one of the map’s most prominent locations, as it is where the payload’s route comes to a close.


  • The next map showcased was Toronto, which had been verified as the first new map for Overwatch 2 since the game’s announcement. In addition to the Canadian battlefield, the sequel will feature a newly designed game mode dubbed “Push”.
  • “Push” is a tug-of-war-style mode in which players must steer a cyborg named “T.W.O.” around the map. Toronto, of course, contains references to the nation’s favorite pastime, hockey.


  • Then there was Rio, the homeland of support persona Lucio, whose position as a local will be highlighted all across the new map. Rio will be a hybrid map with places such as Lucio’s club, Club Sinestesia. Peacock floats will be the payload.


  • Then there was the fresh map Rome, a Push map that will transport gamers to the Italian capital and allow them to travel past the Colosseum and other iconic places.

Monte Carlo

  • The closing map revealed during the event was Monte Carlo. The designers sported that this destination will have a special affiliation to the broader story of Overwatch 2. They also hinted that every new area plays differently than the previous one.

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