Overwatch 2: Season 2 – All details

Overwatch 2 continues with its popularity and dominance even after a rocky start. Its upcoming update will introduce Season 2, adding newer content to the game. Among these is a new Battle pass with skins. There will also be an additional hero and map, which will likely set the town for future seasons in the game.

The Battle for Olympus

Season 2 will introduce a new limited-time event, which will run from January 5 to January 19. Like the previous event, it will likely have something new for the players to enjoy. Unlike Overwatch 1, we won’t see any freely acquired skins for the game. Instead, they may lock the content behind the Battle Pass or in-game store.

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As you may expect, the theme for Season 2 is Greek Mythology, with the Battle Pass having numerous rewards surrounding it. The highest reward will be the Mythic Skin Zeus Junker Queen. It will give the Overwatch 2 character a style and look fitting for mythology. Other than that, skins in the season will include:

  • Widowmaker Medusa
  • Lucio Hermes
  • Roadhog Cyclops
  • Pharah Hades
  • Reinhardt Minotaur
  • Ramattra Poseidon

Shambali Monastery

The Shambala Monastry will be the latest map added to the game. It is an escort map where a team must guard a payload while the others prevent it from reaching its goal. According to the game’s lore, it is a holy place for Omnics. It became a shelter for outcasts following the Omnic Crisis and was once the home of Zenyatta. It will also be the home of the newest hero added to the game.

The Shambali monastery is a refuge created by a group of enlightened Omnics (including Zenyatta). They established the order deep in the Himalayas, though Zenyatta later left due to differences with the group. This difference is because of ideal clashes with the latest Overwatch 2 hero.


Ramattra is a revolutionary Omnic who believes that there is a different way for people to recognize their race. He is the reason for the Shambali Monastery’s change in ideals and Zenyatta leaving the group. Heis a tank with two forms as a part of his kit. Each one has its own set of abilities, which allows players to change Ramattra’s capability in battle.

The first form is Omnic, where his abilities are more long-range. The form focuses more on strategy and tactical attacks. His second form is Nemesis, where he becomes more of a threat nearby. HE gains bonus armor when in this mode, and all his abilities change to reflect this new play style.

A Brighter Future

Blizzard seems serious about removing most of the issues plaguing the game. The only thing they won’t seem to budge on is the new system that removed the free loot boxes from the Overwatch 2. Now that most of the negativity has moved away, there is a lot of excitement for Season 2. We’re also one step closer to their intended goal: the Overwatch 2 PvE mode.

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