Overwatch Anniversary Event Dates Leaked Along With New Skins & Brawls

Moments ago, the official Overwatch Brazil Twitter tweeted out a video and deleted it shortly afterwards. Luckily, reddit users captured the footage before hand and released it on Youtube. The contents of the video deals with Overwatch’s second anniversary, the date for which was announced to be on the 22nd of May.

This video features Junkrat and Roadhog dancing in a number of different outfits(skins). From the looks of it, there is a new pirate skin with sabres, prosthetic legs, an eye-patch and an iron hook. The video notifies the spectators that the items and the brawls from the previous events will also be reintroduced.

Last year’s anniversary was especially a disappointment, with Blizzard adding new maps and new legendary skins which were priced at exorbitant rates. The discontent naturally lead fans to criticise the approach. Although we have very limited information, it is hard to say whether Blizzard would adopt a different approach this year. IGN reports that Jeff Kaplan, director of the game, has given his words of assurance, stating that he is listening to the community. So all together, there still might be a frail cloud of hope.

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