Overwatch: Blizzard Reveals Characters’ Canon Ages | Why are Fans Unhappy?

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Recently, Overwatch has faced criticism from its fans. They express disappointment in the gameplay, the absence of engaging PvE content, and the introduction of a paid battle pass system. Following those issues, fans are now unhappy with Blizzard’s recent revelation of Overwatch characters’ canon ages. This article aims to explore the reasons behind the fans’ frustration.

Blizzard reveals Overwatch Characters’ Canon Ages

Blizzard recently revealed the ages of all Overwatch 2 characters. However, some of these ages seem inconsistent with the game’s extensive lore. Since the original Overwatch debuted in 2016, the lore has primarily been conveyed through supplementary materials like books, comics, short stories, origin videos, and high-quality animated shorts.

On September 8, the official Overwatch news account on Twitter, @OWCavalry, shared an image unveiling the ages of Overwatch characters. This post has amassed over 7 million views. Unfortunately, this update has generated more negative reactions than positive ones.

It appears that whatever Blizzard has been attempting in recent months wasn’t executed flawlessly. Fans have already identified significant inconsistencies in the ages of the heroes that does not align with the lore.

Kiriko’s Age Reveal Isn’t Consistent with the Lore

Overwatch 2 Kiriko Lore
Image courtesy of Overwatch 2

Kiriko is among the newest heroes in the Overwatch lineup, and fans have deeply appreciated her backstory. It involves training alongside Hanzo and Genji before her father was kidnapped and her village being destroyed by the Hashimoto clan.

  • According to the lore, these three heroes used to train together. 
  • However, Blizzard seems to have overlooked this detail, as their ages do not align properly. 
  • After a recent update, Kiriko’s age is now 21, while her former training companions are 37 and 40, respectively. 
  • If they all trained together, it suggests that the brothers began their training in their 20s, all while dealing with an infant Kiriko.

This inconsistency was thoroughly discussed in a recent Reddit post by a user who criticized Blizzard for their lack of attention to detail and consistency in the lore.

“They can’t even design a character based on a lore that they have created. C’mon really? They are 16 years (19 with Hanzo) apart? Basically, Genji in his twenty hanged out with an infant?”.

Kiriko’s situation represents another instance of criticism directed at Blizzard for their recent handling of Overwatch, resulting in fans becoming unhappy with the game.

List of Overwatch 2 Characters’ Revealed Ages

Overwatch 2 revealed ages
Image courtesy of Overwatch 2

Blizzard has provided information that indicates Sigma is the oldest character in Overwatch 2, at the age of 64, while Orisa is the youngest among them, being only a year old.

Nevertheless, here is the complete list of Overwatch characters’ revealed ages from youngest to oldest:

  • Orisa – 1
  • Echo – 14
  • Wrecking Ball – 16
  • Illari – 18
  • Kiriko – 21
  • D.Va – 22
  • Brigette – 25
  • Junkrat – 27
  • Ramattra – 28
  • Lucio – 28
  • Tracer – 28
  • Symmetra – 30
  • Winston – 31
  • Junker Queen – 31
  • Bastion – 32
  • Sombra – 32
  • Zenyatta – 33
  • Pharah – 34
  • Widowmaker – 35
  • Cassidy – 39
  • Baptiste – 38
  • Genji – 37
  • Mercy – 39
  • Hanzo – 40
  • Ashe – 41
  • Mei – 42
  • Doomfist – 47
  • Sojourn – 47
  • Moira – 50
  • Roadhog – 50
  • Soldier 76 – 58
  • Torbjorn – 59
  • Reaper – 60
  • Ana – 62
  • Reinhardt – 63
  • Sigma – 64

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share your opinions regarding the recent revelation of Overwatch characters’ ages. Join the conversation with fellow gamers in the comments section below!

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