Overwatch Frame Rate Problems, Here Is What’s Happening

If you are an Overwatch player, you may have experienced some problems during your games, especially related to frame rates. If you thought it was just your problem, well, it isn’t. It appears that the recent game update has worsened Overwatch’s performance. What is the main cause?

Apparently, everything is related to the chat. Every time a message is sent, the frame rate loses a few hits. This includes emotes, user messages and even automatic communications such as connecting or disconnecting a player. Everything that is communicated through the chat creates problems. PC gamers can undo the problem by hiding the chat window, but console players do not have this possibility. Obviously, it would be sufficient not to send messages, but it is not difficult to find some funny guy who is in-game just to annoy and is therefore happy to use this glitch to ruin the game to others.

However, Blizzard is already aware of the situation. Here is a message published by Lead Software Engineer Bill Warnecke:

“Hi everyone, we are aware of the reports for this problem and we are working to solve it right now. Forgive us for the annoyance, we will try to resolve it as soon as possible. However, we do not have a defined delivery time.”

It, therefore, appears that we will have to wait a little longer before we can get a corrective patch. Until then we will not have to do anything but wait and explain to our playmates not to send messages if they do not want to cause problems. Tell us, have you also experienced these frame drops? What do you think?

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