The Overwatch Summer Games Event will come back in 2021, according to Blizzard Entertainment. Gamers will be eligible to obtain a variety of new cosmetics, participate in new modes, and much more!

The widely known first-person shooter is regarded for its prestigious events, but none are more glamorous than the Summer Games. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Overwatch event, including when it will begin and when it will end!

Summer Games 2021

20th of July 10th of August
TIME START: 10:00am (PT) / 1:00PM (ET) / 6:00PM (BST)
  • Players can anticipate the comeback of Lucioball, including a slew of new cosmetics, some of which are visible in the teaser trailer.
  • The returning mode is a fast-paced 3v3 game that takes four minutes and is only available during seasonal occasions. Gamers must score as many goals as they can during the set deadline to win the game.
  • Every year, the widely known game mode is given a new twist, so when the Summer Games event begins on Tuesday, players can anticipate Lucioball with a new feature.

New Cosmetics

Anticipate an abundance of fresh skins at the occasion, but skins from prior seasons will make a comeback at the 2021 Summer Games.

  • Mermaid Symmetra has been verified as being one of the fresh releases by Blizzard, and you can see the new mermaid-themed version in the Twitter post below:

  • Ashe, B.O.B, and Mei get new skins as well, which can be seen in the teaser. Take a look at the new skins in the gallery below, and stay tuned for more when the occasion begins tomorrow.

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