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The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event typically begins in mid-December, with the most recent start date being December 15. The festival lasts a few weeks before ending in early January. Many expect the event to begin this week but it appears as it may be a little later.

Fans can look forward to a variety of unique seasonal events throughout the year. This includes the renowned Halloween Terror event in October and the Anniversary event in May. Winter Wonderland allows players to experience snow-covered versions of the PvP maps as well as obtain a variety of holiday-themed cosmetics, which is another popular seasonal event.


Image Courtesy of Rishi Overwatch via Youtube

Overwatch community manager AndyB confirmed that the event would be pushed back by a few days due to unforeseen circumstances. This means that it’s possible that the event will still start by the end of this week or next week. AndyB said that is all about personal opinion. The art team really sleighed it with this year’s legendary skins hinting at a skin based on Santa’s sleigh.

  • If a Santa’s sleigh-themed skin is released as part of the event, it may help to narrow down who the skin is intended for. The most obvious candidate is Tank hero D.Va, who has yet to receive a Winter Wonderland skin. It would make sense to have D.Va’s mech seem like a sleigh while also giving her some sort of Santa-themed outfit.
  • However, at this time, this is only hearsay. While the event will include new skins for players to earn, none have been available to the public as of yet.

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