In spieltimes’ latest episode titled the recent onslaught of social media hype, we bring to you the trending topic of Ozempic Face. Apparently, type-2 diabetes medications are now at the center stand for causing what is nothing short of a Urashima Taro story. Here’s what Ozempic Face is, along with details on what Ozempic side effects may be like. Is Ozempic Side Effects curable?

What is Ozempic?

Ozempic Side Effect Curable
Image courtesy of Medpage Today

First, to clear it off to you, Ozempic is a medication. It is often served in the mainstream masses along with a few other names. For example Wegovy and Mounjaro. All of which is used as a medication for obesity.

What is Ozempic Face?

The end result of such medicine usage is that eases certain symptoms. But adding to the list of symptoms is what seems to be an Ozempic Side Effect – that those who use it witness their faces aging. This is the currently trending infamous Ozempic Face.

In a report by The New York Times Jennifer Berger them that she used Mounjaro (tirzepatide) to lose weight following her pregnancy.

Yet what she ended up with along with the usual results of the medication is an aged face.

How did Ozempic Side Effects start trending on the Internet?

Image is of redditor u/authorized_sausage who shared her before and after.

If you’re curious how this medication and its apparent side effect is trending in social media, we must attest to you the vital role TikTok had to play.

Of course, when didn’t TikTok have a role to play in viral trends?

Usually, an alternative to Ozempic is considered to be Mounjaro which serves as diabetes medication.

Adding to this prescription is another drug that is used for weight loss named Wegovy.

Ozempic Face trending is second only to Viagre’s hype when it came out

The recent comment by leading dermatologists in the Times report is remarkable. Dr. Frank believes that the recent hype for Ozempic is second only to the hype that the market got for Viagra when it first came out.

Why does the medication cause the ‘Ozempic Face’ side effect?

Ozempic Face Side Effect
Courtesy of Youtuber The Hangry Woman

Now getting to another question, why does the use of this medication cause people’s faces to deflate?

  • Plastic Surgeon Dr. Oren Tepper explained to the Times that it’s usual for such medication that causes weight loss, to also deflate the areas of the face, containing fat tissue.
  • Such a deflation is usually often observed in diabetes patients who work to lose weight. Their skin is often left flaky and wrinkled. The Ozempic Face is something similar, in that comparison.

“Weight loss may turn back your biological age, but it tends to turn your facial clock forward.” Said Dr. Tepper.

Is Ozempic Side Effect curable?

As to if this is solvable, it seems the general notion held right now in public is that because of its nature, the deflated and wrinkled faces can be restored back to youth. Although that might depend primarily on diet, exercise, and healthy living.

As of now, no proper comments by medical experts can be found on a counter medication that could solve the face aging Ozempic Side effect cure.

SOURCES: nytimes

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