Paradox Interactive: Allegations of Employees Abuse To Be Investigated

Unionen and Sveriges Ingenjörer trade union groups surveyed 133 Paradox Interactive employees and revealed a culture of abuse at the company. 44% of the total employees surveyed claimed that they have face discrimination and abuse at the hands of Paradox Entertainment.

Around October last year, Paradox Interactive received a clash of bad reviews on the employee rating website, Glassdoor, from former staff members. Complaints include mistreatment of staff, underpaid labor, and the company’s alleged anti-union stance, among others. The grudge that stood out was the abrupt closure of the Swedish studio’s entire publishing QA department.

The Untold Work Culture in Paradox

The survey unveiled the “culture of silence” within the workspace of Paradox Interactive. The employees at Paradox Entertainment further explained their work environment to be toxic. Both men and women suffered from harassment, discrimination, and ill-treatment. 

The survey was by the two main associations in Paradox Interactive. The main focus of the survey was on the working conditions in the Swedish part of the industry. Surprisingly, 69% of women employees and 33% of men reported abuse during their tenure.

Paradox Entertainment has come under the spotlight of scandals. But the fact can’t be ignored that the investigation was organized by the union representatives and not by a legal body. It is yet debatable to know the time of alleged abuse because the investigation covered the staff’s general time Paradox.

Paradox Interactive’s Company CEO Retirement

This has come out at a strange time for Paradox. Last week, the company’s CEO Ebba Ljungerud stepped down, with former CEO Fredrik Wester stepping in to take on his old role again. The union representative told us that the investigation and Ljungerud’s resignation are not related, and they have no reason to believe that there is any connection.

The timing can’t be any wrong for Paradox Interactives. Last week, former CEO  Fredrik Wester filled up the vacuum left by the company’s CEO Ebba Ljungerud’s retirement. The union representative asserted that the investigation and Ljungerud’s resignation are not connected. 

The statements and claims are still waiting for confirmation; considering the series of events as tangible strategies in business is one way to see things. The wait for the whole story to come out is never-ending.

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