A month before release, Paradox Interactive have announced a weekly live stream of their upcoming real-time grand strategy war game Crusader Kings 3 which is their third such instalment to their Crusader Kings series, almost eight years after the release of Crusader Kings 2.

Crusader Kings 2 had its last DLC in 2018, but the developers have, since then, remained quite active introducing several new patches to it. The game received its last update on 14-05-2020.

Declared via an official tweet, the weekly stream will take place every Wednesday starting from 5th August at 16:00 CEST/7:30 PM IST. The live stream will be hosted on Paradox’s Twitch channel where the developers will be disclosing several new features and interacting with the community. Paradox developers have also been posting regular dev diary updates on a custom website.

Crusader Kings 3 releases on  Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Classic Mac OS & Macintosh on 2nd September 2020.