Paramount+ cancels iCarly after Season 3; Ending Explained

Paramount+ cancels iCarly after Season 3; Ending Explained

Paramount+ has canceled the iCarly reboot after three seasons, leaving fans hanging after its previous season’s major cliffhanger. That said, would there still be a chance for fans to meet Carly’s mysterious mom? Here, we’re going to explore and explain Season 3’s ending.

Did Paramount+ Cancel iCarly?

Paramount+ has officially canceled iCarly three months after its third season concluded. The news comes after Laci Mosley, who played the role of Harper in the reboot, answered a fan’s question, wondering if there will still be iCarly Season 4. “It’s canceled babes,” she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

From there, a streamer’s spokesperson confirmed the claim, releasing an official statement that the show wouldn’t be “returning for a fourth season.”

“The series had a great three-season run and delivered on what fans really wanted to see with Carly and Freddie finally getting together. We want to thank the entire cast, the writers, directors, and producers, along with the whole crew, for their dedication, creativity, and talent,” the statement read.

Later, Mosley tweeted that her claim wasn’t a joke and praised the people she had worked with in the series, calling them the “best” she had run with in the business. She thanked everyone who watched the reboot, revealing they had put their “deeply kind talented souls” into it.

What happened to iCarly Season 3?

Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

Airing on July 27, iCarly Season 3 final episode, iHave a Proposal, ended with the wedding of Carly and Freddie after dating for just seven episodes. The two decided to tie the knot after Mrs. Benson and Lewbert eloped in Las Vegas. However, before Carly and Freddie exchanged their vows, a surprising guest arrived—her and Spencer’s mom.

The two’s enigmatic mother was never shown even in the original series, though she was sometimes mentioned after abandoning her kids when they were young. This made Carly afraid of marriage, thinking she might end up like her mother and leave her family just like she did. But Spencer came to her rescue and assured her she would never be like their no-good mom.

Hence, the wedding happened, though fans might never see what would happen next. Of course, this also left a lot of questions concerning the surprising arrival of Carly and Spencer’s mom.

Will there be iCarly Season 4?

With the cancellation, it looks like iCarly Season 4 will never happen. However, fans are still hoping for the show to continue to answer all the questions it has left in their minds. Of course, many want to know who will play the role of Carly and Spencer’s mom. But with the turn of events, some also wonder if the show still deserves a new season.

With the way Paramount+ ended the third season, the show is probably worth a season renewal to give the series a proper conclusion. Ending the show with a significant cliffhanger upsets the fans, not just because they’re left hanging but also because their favorite characters aren’t given a proper sendoff. So, many are still hoping that iCarly will still be given a chance to continue to tie up its loose ends at least.

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