Party Animals was revealed in the Xbox E3 2021 presentation in June. A multiplayer brawler game by Recreate Games, Party Animals is set to be released sometime in 2022. The footage featured during the E3 event gave us a glimpse of the chaotic but lovely vibe of Party Animals.

Players can get into the character of their favorite animals to create havoc by pushing their friends off the edges of the maps with different weapons to be the last one standing. There will be different maps that players can choose from the multiplayer brawl.

2022 Release

  • The game was announced as a timed Xbox console exclusive and it has been confirmed that it will also be on the Game Pass. The game will be a Day One release on the Xbox Game Pass and on PC.
  • The exact release date of Party Animals is not known. However, from the previous FAQ of Recreate Games in July 2021, they stated that the game was scheduled for release sometime in 2022.
  • They had emphasized the fact that since they are a new company, and since Party Animals will be their first title release, they are focused on making sure that it is released to a good standard. This implies that the 2022 release is not a hard target.

However, it does not seem like Recreate Games are going to have a hard time, because when a demo of the game was available for a time period during the 2020 Autumn Steam Game Festival, Party Animals was the fourth most played game on Steam! It is not at all wrong to say that there is a crowd waiting for the game’s release! Check out the official console announce trailer below.

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