Patch 11 For Fallout 76 Will Be Released Next Week

Bethesda has now announced that Patch 11 for Fallout 76 will be released on July 16, 2019. The full changelog will be published soon, with the update highlights already mentioned last week.

In addition, a new seasonal event has been confirmed for the end of the month: “Does it smell like smoke here? Presumably, Grahm prepares the barbecue, and at the end of the month a new seasonal event gathers to bring together Vault residents from all over the world To defy the summer heat – along with your favorite traveling super mutant and best friend Chally the Moo Cow – and no, Chally is not on the menu.”

It adds, “To throw out the perfect party, Grahm needs a little bit of support from his human friends, hoping that as many of you as possible will come by to help him, and he’ll reward you in return if his fete was a success, and you’ll learn more by the end of the month, including the start of the event.”


The wasteland is a rough patch where even hardened heroes can suffer from dry throat and growling stomach. Thanks to some changes, you’ll soon have more time to prepare food and drink before the ingredients reach their expiration date. After the update, raw foods and flutes will be 50% more enjoyable before they spoil. In addition, it comes after fast travel no longer to a state decrease in food and drinks.


In recent weeks, many new residents have ventured out of Vault 76 for the first time. With patch 11, we’re making some adjustments to make it easier for low-level characters to get started. For example, characters below level 25 will pay less for fast-travel bottle caps, and those below level 15 will enjoy greater disease resistance. We’re also replacing a number of startup challenge rewards with items and supplies that will give those characters better chances of survival.

We also want to reduce the difficulty of creatures in some regions within the Ash Heap, Savage Divide, and Toxic Valley zones. Vault dwellers leaving the forest for the first time have fewer encounters with high-level opponents. These are just a few of the planned changes that will help young heroes get started. You will find further details in the complete patch notes.


More insight in legendary items, recipes, and mods! In the future, all current attributes will be displayed to Legendary Items when you look at them in Trade, Vend, or Tray menus (so far only the first attribute was visible). And if you look at recipes or mods in these menus, you’ll now get a description of the items that can be made with them.


When it comes to power armor, we eliminate some bugs and build in small amenities. For example, as of Patch 11, you can activate Stealth Boys while in Power Armor. The display settings also add a “Power Arm HUD Enable” option that sets whether to show their HUD or standard HUD when using the power armor.


According to your feedback, the “Recover Entire Scrapbook” workbench option should not automatically consume large amounts of components that are in your character’s inventory. With Patch 11 we deliver the desired improvement, then with the option “Recycle Entire Scrap” you can save a lot of scrap in your inventory. However, large amounts of scrap are still recycled automatically if you need them for production or repairs.


Among other things, we are fixing a number of bugs in the CAMP setup, Scout Pioneer Challenges, Shot Sounds, and UI that players in the Fallout 76 community have brought to our attention.

But the main question still: Is Fallout 76 getting better?