Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion – All Details

Today at 1:00 PM (PDT), Grinding Gear Games will unveil Path of Exile’s latest expansion and League. While the sneak peeks only implied the fresh mechanics and abilities, the devs promise that the game will “shake up” the metagame in a major way.

The Twitch live stream will begin today at 1:00 PM (PDT), as earlier mentioned. CLICK HERE for the official Twitch channel. There will be a Q&A portion with Chris Wilson and ZiggyD, along with the much-awaited expansion reveal.

Grinding Gear Games also provided data that reveal their plan for the rest of July, including patches and other updates. While the dates of July 16 and 17 are mysteriously absent, the timeline resumes on July 18:

July 18 Challenge Rewards
July 19 Ultimatum League Ends (3:00 PM PDT)
July 19 3.15 Private Leagues will open.
July 19 3.15 Balance Manifesto
July 20 Patch Notes
July 21 New and Changed Gems
July 22 Download Launch Day
July 23 3.15.0 Expansion Launch
July 24 New Mystery Box
July 28 3.15.0 Console Expansion Launch

Partial Patch Notes

  • Grinding Gear Games has unveiled a few patch notes before the 3.15 expansion, which include multiple engine enhancements and improvements. Expect patch 3.14.3 to be released within the week, with several overall gameplay adjustments.
  • They’ve swapped out the old Performance Metrics charts for newer models that display a lot more data.  We now have bars that reveal relative load on various systems and graph numerous different criteria on the same graph:
CPU GPU System Memory VRAM
Drive Shader Compilation Latency Instance Server
  • If you’re having performance problems and would like to record a clip to show Grinding Gear, turn on the Performance Metrics graphs, as they contain a wealth of data about what’s slowing you down.

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