Paul Rudd Reacts to Ant-Man and Thanos Butt Theory 😂

Paul Rudd Reacts to Ant-Man and Thanos Butt Theory

The star of the franchise addressed the claim that the Ant-Man might have gone inside Thanos’ butt and saved mankind. What does Paul Rudd make of it? 🤔

Can you believe it? Several years ago, an insane notion circulated that Ant-Man could be introduced to Thanos courtesy of his butt in Infinity War or Endgame in order to bring him down after shrinking down and then going back to his actual size after.

That would have been a matter of seconds until Marvel Cinematic Universe baddie Thanos was destroyed. Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man in the Marvel movies, gives a hint of what might have happened (via Discussing Film).

Ant-Man, Thanos Butt Theory

There has been relatively little brutality, blood, or gore in any of the Marvel Studios movies thus far. There is a boundary to how far a studio can go, and Kevin Feige appears to have pushed it a little farther than usual with the new Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.

Actually, scenes starring Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) that would have been particularly graphic were trimmed. In any event, the theory regarding Ant-Man and Thanos’ ass would have been rejected. In a tape that has been shown on Disney cruise ships, Paul Rudd, who plays Scott Lang in the film, has spoken out about his thoughts on the subject.

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There is a hero who is the star of a film that will be shown throughout guests’ cruises aboard the Disney Wish, Disney’s newest ship. When Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyke (Evangeline Lilly) appear in the video, they went straight to it.

“Hi, I’m Scott Lang, but you might know me as Ant-Man… Look, before we start, let me address the elephant in the room. There’s a lot of chatter out there asking why I didn’t shrink down, go in and uh… kill Thanos in a really creative way.
First of all: gross. Secondly, it’s much more complicated than that. Along me to explain,” he continues before Hope Van Dyke interrupts him.
Ant-Man Hope Van Dyke
Image Courtesy of Ben Rothstein (Disney, Marvel Studios)

Disney Cruise

Guests on the ship may enjoy a wide selection of Disney-themed entertainment in a variety of ship rooms, including this movie, which looks to be exclusive to the Avengers: Quantum Encounter experience. For example, in addition to the world of Arendelle, there are the Avengers Camps of Marvel and the vast galaxies of Star Wars to explore. The private island of Castaway Cay and the Bahamas are both part of cruises that leave from Port Canaveral, Florida.

The malevolent Kang will be introduced in the third part of Ant-Man, which may be the best of the superhero series so far. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released on February 17, 2023.

What do you think about the Ant-Man and Thanos butt theory? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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SOURCE: NME, Collider

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