Perfect Dark Remake; What we know so far
Perfect Dark Remake; What we know so far

Gaming fans have received fresh insight into the Perfect Dark remake announced in 2020 since Xbox head Matt Booty spoke about the development of the game recently.

Matt said at an interview with PAX West that the development of games like Perfect Dark has to be done ‘very carefully’. And fans agree.  However, gaming fans also lament the amount of time it takes for complex games to be developed by large companies like Xbox.

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With the name of Perfect Dark coming up in an interview after so many months since its announcements, fans are curious more than ever about this remake that Xbox has kept so secretive.

Perfect Dark Remake: A vision from 2018

The Perfect Dark remake for Xbox series x was first conceived in 2018 and announced in 2020, with a Microsoft development team leading the way. However, since then there had not been much talk about its progress and information is scarce.

Now finally the head himself has mentioned the name of the famous remake again, and in fact, has leaked some insight that fans are rejoicing at.


New users are likely to wonder why Perfect Dark has such a solid gaming fan base. But when you explore the addictive GUI imposed upon a secret agent thriller set in the near future with the charismatic protagonist Joanna Dark leading the way, the secret behind this impatience for a remake will start to make more sense.

Perfect Dark Remake What we know so far - Protagonist

With realistic political warfare planted against a world crumbling with ecological disasters, this is definitely a game of its kind.

The original Perfect Dark game was launched in 2000 and its prequel Perfect Dark Zero came into existence 5 years later on the Xbox 360 – and since then gaming fans have been toiling in eternal wait.

What we now know about the Perfect Dark remake release

In mentioning Perfect Dark, Matt Booty has spent more time talking about the dynamics of AAA game creation rather than the specifics of Perfect Dark gameplay or release.


Working with Crystal Dynamics

The lack of information on the progress of the Perfect Dark remake had led fans to speculate on exactly how well the project was going. Now in place of Microsoft First Party Studio Crystal Dynamics is coming in collaboration with Xbox to develop Perfect Dark once again.

Experts who predicted that the project was struggling can now rest easy when the creators behind successes like the recent Tomb Raider games are on the project.

Style and strategy from a master creator

Even though the conversation was brief, Matt deemed it important to talk about how important collaborations with Studios are for modern titles.

Moreover, enthusiasts of game creation now have a style to look forward to, now that they know the name and exclusivity of the studio in question.

Gaming fans are still apprehensive, however, about how big of a change and how much of a pleasant surprise the remake will bring.

Perfect Dark release date

Originally, gaming fans had an expectation that Xbox and Bethesda Launch would be the time when all the waiting comes to an end. But at present, that idea seems more and more like an unbelievable lottery dream.

Matt Booty did mention that the partnering was not a result of some big ‘problem’ having occurred rather it was a logical and strategic choice. Fans are interpreting the statement in a variety of ways.

We can draw a relative prediction from these recent developments about the release date of Perfect Dark. Since the initiative started out in 2018, we can expect a release – if everything is indeed going as well as we would like to believe – by 2023 or 2024.

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