Image Courtesy of PewDiePie via YouTube

Pewdiepie is reportedly now living in Japan and loving it there. Here’s a rundown of why he chose to live in the Land of the Rising Sun.

PewDiePie Goes to Japan

YouTube personality PewDiePie bought a house in Japan in 2019. He’d previously expressed his love for Japan and his desire to move there to his YouTube followers.

PewDiePie has returned home after three years, piles of paperwork, a pandemic that has effectively banned foreign travel, and a private jet journey. He and his wife MarziaPie have made the decision to relocate to Japan.

PewDiePie Fell Inlove with Japan

Simply told, PewDiePie came to Japan because he adored the nation. With vlogs dating back to 2014, the Swedish content creator has visited the nation multiple times as a visitor. Pewds has visited Hakone, Aokigahara, and Kamakura. He traveled to Japan on business trips with Sanrio, Square Enix, and DeNA while still a rising YouTuber.

It finally happened!

PewDiePie recently released a new video in which he discusses the full process of moving to Japan. The video’s focus was on why he moved to Japan and what he plans to do next. The reason for this is straightforward. PewDiePie enjoys being there, and that’s all there is to it.

Image Courtesy of PewDiePie via YouTube

PewDiePie made a video called “It finally happened!” in which he discussed the final processes of moving to Japan. It all started with a video dated March 17th, when he and MarziaPie applied for visas. PewDiePie said they were approved to travel six days later after picking up their visas, which had been blocked because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is exactly what PewDiePie has been wishing for quite some time. Even though the relocation procedure was a nightmare, he’s overjoyed to have finally accomplished the move. PewDiePie has stated that he plans to make a video in 5 years reflecting on all that has happened since he relocated. It’s PewDiePie’s trip to Japan.

Pewdiepie Grabbed a Jet For His Dogs

Image Courtesy of PewDiePie via YouTube

PewDiePie, a YouTube video producer, completes a dream of moving to Japan by renting a jet and bringing his pets with him. Because their pet pug, Edgar, was a few kilograms overweight from the regular airline permitted weight of eight to nine kilograms, the Kjellbergs ultimately traveled out of the United Kingdom on a private plane valued at over US$80,000 this year.

Image Courtesy of PewDiePie via YouTube

Swedish YouTuber Admits Culture Shock

Because the internet couple is still learning basic Japanese, their first few days in Tokyo were a rude awakening. They don’t speak the language, he exclaimed. That they simply migrate halfway across the world, in their 30s, to a place where they don’t know the language.

He promises to take the Bro Army on a journey as he and Marzia gradually adapt to their new home through his YouTube vlogs.

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