Have you caught up with the latest entertainment news? A piece of news may have stormed the internet over the weekend, and we are not kidding. If you grew up watching YouTube, pretty sure once in your life, you passed by the YouTuber named PewDiePie. And if you’ve been a fan since then, you also know him as Felix Kjellberg, and of course, he let everyone know about his internet-star wife, Marzia. Their marriage broke the internet once, and now the announcement that Marzia is pregnant did it again. Here’s how PewDiePie revealed his wife, Marzia Kjellberg’s pregnancy.

PewDiePie’s announcement of Marzia’s pregnancy

On Sunday, February 5, the Swedish YouTube content creator dropped a short video with the straightforward title “We’re having a baby!” 16 hours up on PewDiePie’s channel, and the video clip revealing that Marzia’s pregnant has now 4.7 million views.

  • YouTube isn’t the only social media application that has been shocked. While it trends at #12 on YouTube, PewDiePie also trends on Twitter. The video received a lot of comments saying how they watched Felix from his oldest content, and now expecting a baby.
PewDiePie wife's pregnancy, marzia's pregnant
Image Courtesy of PewDiePie’s video via YouTube
  • The video may be the sweetest pregnancy reveal that we have seen, no cap. We just have to know that Felix and Marzia would be amazing parents to their child (or children in the future). And as they celebrate this, we celebrate this announcement with them too. Congratulations to the couple!

  • I just feel so lucky to start a family with the woman I love. And I know that whatever is ahead of us, together we can do it,” and who else cried? Even with the way Pewds stare at his wife, we know how lucky the both of them are with each other, and of course, their baby too.
  • The video ended with Felix saying, “I can’t wait to meet this kid.” The one-minute and thirty seconds video were enough to bring the fans and every viewer in awe and love. The couple found out that Marzia’s pregnant way back in November 2022. She’s around three months pregnant, and ngl, we also can’t wait for their baby.

People’s reactions

If we can just compile all the reactions of the people to this announcement under this article, then we would. Let’s first start with how we feel old about the thought of Felix becoming a father. For real, time goes on so fast, and this news would be another embodiment of that.


  • Certainly, almost every fan was joyed by this announcement. And when we said that this is the cutest pregnancy reveal video we saw, others agree with that too. What was your reaction when the notification of a new PewDiePie content popped out of your screen? Share them with us below!

  • People wouldn’t miss it for the world to drop memes and funny things during this time. While others have tears in their eyes, some had the thought of the baby’s struggle to learn different languages when they grow up. Also, from PewDiePie, will it be changed to PewDiePapa?

Pewds’ YouTube journey

Currently, PewDiePie has around 111 million subscribers on YouTube. Along his long journey on the platform, Felix had his fair share of controversies too. This includes the use of a racial slur in 2017 during a live stream, videos that have anti-Semitic and Nazi references, and recently a mocking of a deaf woman’s TikTok video.

  • Felix did apologize for an honest mistake that he “had no clue she was deaf, but kinda dumb of me to not realise”. He took down the said video. It wasn’t a perfect journey for Pewds, but his fans supported him with his endeavors. From his YouTube content to his marriage, and now he’s going to be a father.

We congratulate Felix and Marzia Kjellberg on this new chapter of their lives. You will be amazing parents for sure! *sobs*

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You may share your thoughts in the comments below about how cute Felix (AKA PewDiePie) revealed his wife Marzia Kjellberg’s pregnancy. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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