PewDiePie still uses Windows XP for Gaming?


PewDiePie played Hello Neighbor on a Windows XP system

For those who aren’t following PewDiePie, that guy uploads a video everyday around 8PM to 10PM. Yesterday he uploaded a video of him playing Hello Neighbor. Read what Abhimanyu had to say about the game. At 3:46 of the video, the game crashes revealing Pewds’ system i.e. Windows XP.

I’ve been following Pewds since early 2013s and I know he used a Windows 7 system for gaming. However, his recent video ‘THIS WAS HONESTLY JUST DISAPPOINTING…‘ reveals that the current system he’s using for gaming is none other than Windows XP.

Pewds on his traditional Windows 7 system

Windows XP is in fact the best operating system for gaming, and I agree to that statement even today. I started my video-game journey on Windows 98, playing Action-Man and then on Windows XP, playing IGI, Fantastic Four and Spiderman. Those days, gaming was so different. It was so great without the internet and multiplayer. Just pure single-player and nothing else.

But as many videogames are now Windows 10 exclusive, using Windows XP won’t just work out. Many videogames don’t even support Windows XP, and has Windows 7 as the minimum OS requirement. Make sure to watch the full video, and your depressions will fade away in seconds.

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