Ph.D. student Peter Salvino, Missing: Latest Update

Ph.D. student Peter Salvino, Missing Latest Update

Northwestern University doctoral student Peter Salvino has been reported missing by his family. His university is now asking for help in their institution to find the missing student. Peter Salvino’s family reported the missing incident on Sunday, December 18. We’ll write all the latest updates on this missing case of Peter Salvino, so you may read below to know more.

Missing Ph.D student Peter Salvino

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) is in search of the 25-year-old student’s whereabouts. According to a report from Northwestern News, the university news outlet, police said that the last sight of Peter Salvino was on Sunday midnight, December 18, around 12:15 a.m. The area should be near the 800 block of West Lill Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

  • Salvino was last known to left the party in the 2400 block of North Geneva Terrace wearing maroon pants and a grey hooded sweatshirt, the police added.
  • The police recovered sight of the missing Interdepartmental Neuroscience (NUIN) Ph.D. student from CCTV footage. Footage matched the student’s outfit at the party, maroon pants, a gray and black sweatshirt, and an added maroon beanie.
Peter Salvino missing, footage
Image Courtesy of Northwestern Now News
  • Furthermore, the CPD gathered another lead about the Ph.D. student’s last contact. At 12:15 a.m., Peter Salvino FaceTimed a friend. The family spokesperson shared that an earlier FaceTime call of Salvino with the same friend happened at around 11:59 p.m. The student called to tell his friend that he was walking home, and around 30 minutes away.
  • When his friend called him back at around 12:15 a.m., Salvino answered telling him he’s still walking. At 12:31 a.m., the missing Ph.D. student’s phone chimed near Diversey Harbor, a marina just by the Lincoln Park neighborhood.
  • The University is also in close contact with Peter’s family and hears their serious concern about the 25-year-old’s safety and overall well-being.

Police’s investigation

After a few days of searching for the doctoral student, Peter Salvino, it came to an end last Tuesday. The body of the 25-year-old has been recovered near the Diversey Harbor.

  • The CPD continued their investigation into the last whereabouts of the missing Ph.D. student. On Tuesday, December 20th, CPD mentions a “responded follow-up investigation” at the Diversey Harbor near the 2400 block of North Cannon Drive, specifically near where Salvino’s phone last pinged.
  • At 5:15 p.m., the Marine Unit of CPD responded to the area. A little before 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, the police said to pull a body from the harbor. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the body to be Peter Salvino’s.
Ph.D. student, Salvino
Screengrab Image Courtesy of CBS Chicago via YouTube
  • From an ABC Eyewitness News report, Scotty Gruszka, Salvino’s brother-in-law, shares that the student was walking away from his apartment, east toward Clark Street. Footages confirm this as Salvino was seen at the intersection of Clark and Fullerton at 11:43 p.m., while at 11:44 p.m. passed Big Apple Finer Foods.
  • It is yet to be distinguished whether there was foul play involved. The cause of death is yet to be known, probably through an autopsy and let’s hope for them to find the truth in this case.

We offer our deepest condolences to the family, and may he rest in peace.

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