The ghost hunting co-op game, Phasmophobia, just celebrated its first year anniversary. Kinetic Games marked this celebratory milestone with the introduction of a new update that enables the inclusion of a single-player mode!

This new celebratory update was posted on Phasmophobia’s Steam update page. It also mentioned that the game will be raked up and various changes have been made to the game. Such changes include fixing the bugs to the inclusion of the solo single-player mode.

For players who are feeling “gutsy” enough to brave out the game’s various haunted locales without having any support or backup, the new solo mode allows the player to play the game without having to connect with its servers.

This game has been assumed as one of the best co-op and Halloween games of the year 2020. The game has undergone a new makeover to celebrate its year mark which makes it easier for the players to “track all things to do with ghosts”. The new update also has two new ghost inclusion and gears have been improved.

Birthday Update

  • The patch notes for this birthday update are on the game’s Steam page.
  • One can also see the small tweaks. For example, the journal overhaul now implies keeping a stack of the poltergeist tendencies and environmental clues like never before.
  • Players will also have the chance to strike off evidence on the page for ghost evidence on this journal.
  • The new single-player mode doesn’t require the players to be on any servers. Players have the option now to play offline. There’s also an upcoming Halloween update as well!
  • You can till then move on to the game’s main menu which has the party-themed anniversary redesign at the disposal of the fan to start the celebrations. And finally, if you are feeling all heroic and ghosts are your sole agenda, go get them and try out the new anniversary update.

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