Phasmophobia: Beta Update Release Date + New Ghosts!

Ghosts come in all shapes in Phasmophobia, and more will be expected once the next beta build is released. On the game’s Twitter account, Kinetic Games showcased an exciting new expansion, revealing that 2 additional ghost types are coming soon!

The 2 additional Phasmophobia ghost forms will be known as Yokai and Hantu, according to Kinetic Games’ recent tweets. The image shows the public Trello board for the ghost-hunting title, which explains what to expect from the latest spooks.


  • The Yokai (a term used in Japanese folktale to describe otherworldly creatures) is a prevalent form of a ghost that is lured to human voices.  Normally, they can be detected haunting family residences.
  • Its distinguishing characteristics are excellent hearing and a fiery temper. Chatting near a Yokai will enrage it and raise its chances of attacking.
  • The Yokai’s flaw is that it can only hear voices that are near to it when it is haunting. A spirit box, a ghost orb, and ghostwriting are all indications of this creature.


  • The Hantu (a Malay / Indonesian word for a soul or ghost) is an uncommon ghost that can be spotted in warm environments.
  • They seem to dislike cold temperatures, as they’re notorious for attacking frequently during cold weather.
  • The Hantu’s essential quality is that it can move faster in cold climates, but its weakness is that it can’t move as quickly in warm climates. The Hantu type has evidence in the form of a ghost orb, fingerprints, and ghost writing.

New Beta Release Date

There’s no word about when the upcoming beta patch for Phasmophobia will be released. However, you can regularly check on the game’s social media accounts and Trello board to see when it does.

As of now, you can look over the patch notes for the most recent major addition to the live game, which included difficulty adjustments, quality of life modifications, bug fixes, and much more!

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