Phasmophobia Console Version: Is it coming to PS4?

Phasmophobia Console Version: Is it coming to PS4?

Phasmophobia exploded in popularity when it first launched in early access on PC in September 2020. The indie ghost-hunting title from British studio Kinetic Games became a smash hit thanks to its novel co-op gameplay and terrifying atmosphere. Now, after over two years in early access, Phasmophobia is finally making the jump to consoles this August. But the big question still remains “Phasmophobia Console Version Compatibility: Is it coming to PS4?”

Phasmophobia Console Version: Is it coming to PS4?

While Phasmophobia is verified for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, one platform conspicuously missing is PlayStation 4. Given the massive 100+ million user base of PS4 consoles, could a last-gen version still be in the works?

  • Unfortunately, Kinetic Games has not mentioned any PS4 port plans. And realistically, releasing on aging PS4 hardware could be an uphill battle. Phasmophobia’s lighting and physics systems push even capable gaming PCs. Significant graphical downgrades would likely be required.
  • However, one cannot fully discount a PS4 version being revealed later on. If the console editions sell well, Kinetic Games may decide to invest in a PS4 port to grow the player base further.
  • The studio probably wants to prioritize nailing the experience on PS5 first. Depending on Phasmophobia’s optimization on PlayStation 5, a PS4 version could become more viable.

For now, PS4 gamers interested in Phasmophobia may need to consider upgrading to PS5. Or they can enjoy the title on PC and wait to see if a PS4 port emerges down the line. Any Phasmophobia PS4 compatibility plans will surely be reported here if announced! So keep your eyes on this page!

Phasmophobia Confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in August 2023

In a recent statement, Kinetic Games revealed Phasmophobia will come to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles in August 2023. The developer has not provided a specific release date yet but promised more details are imminent.

  • Importantly, Phasmophobia will also be playable in VR on the PSVR 2 headset for PS5. This means PS5 owners can experience the horror in a fully immersive virtual setting.
  • Unfortunately, PS4 and Xbox One versions were not announced. It seems Phasmophobia is skipping last-gen consoles entirely and releasing solely on current-gen hardware.

What to Expect From Phasmophobia on Consoles

Fans of the PC release should find the console ports very similar. Kinetic Games stated Phasmophobia on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S will be the same game, just optimized for controllers and television screens.

The core gameplay involves assembling a crew of up to 4 ghost hunters, selecting equipment, and scouring haunted sites to gather evidence and identify the ghost type. All of this will transfer seamlessly to console platforms.

Some key things to anticipate:

  • Identical maps, ghosts, items, evidence, etc. as the PC version
  • 4-player online cooperative
  • VR capabilities on PS5
  • Utilizes DualSense controller features on PS5
  • Optimized UI for gamepads
  • Cross-play between PC and consoles

One concern has been how Phasmophobia’s plentiful controls and gadgets will be adapted for controllers. The studio says the control scheme has been reworked to make the most vital actions intuitive on a gamepad. Less critical functions may be tucked away in menus.

Phasmophobia Set to Shine on PS5 and Xbox Series X Hardware

While Phasmophobia has thrived on PC, the game was constrained by needing to support a wide spectrum of hardware. On PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, Kinetic Games can optimize Phasmophobia to fully utilize high-end gaming hardware.

  • This means Phasmophobia on consoles can stretch graphics further with enhanced lighting, higher-resolution textures, and more detailed models/environments. Load times should also improve dramatically allowing players to jump into matches quicker.
  • For the PSVR 2 version, PS5’s capabilities enable Phasmophobia to render sharp stereoscopic 3D visuals at 90fps critical for comfortable VR play. The PS5’s advanced haptics and 3D audio will also amplify the experience.

In summary, Phasmophobia on consoles will be the definitive edition of the game. Fans should be excited to see how much more polished and immersive Phasmophobia will become on new hardware.

If you have any further questions about if the Phasmophobia console version will have a PS4 release and compatibility, comment down below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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