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Kinetic’s ghost-hunting game has become somewhat of a craze, especially among Twitch broadcasters, as one of the highest-rated titles on Steam. It’s difficult to say how long the game will remain as popular as it is now, but the promise of a fresh update, as well as the addition of certain tarot cards, implies the company is far from finished with it.

Tarot Cards

  • According to a recent tweet from the developer’s lead artist, Phasmophobia will be getting tarot cards in a future update. User cjdxn’s tweet doesn’t go into much depth regarding the cards, but it does imply that some are missing.
  • This speculates on what they might be capable of. One user thinks that these could be modifiers, akin to the card system in Back 4 Blood, which can have a negative or positive impact on gameplay. However, at this moment, all of this is just supposition.

Fans are ecstatic about this new addition to Phasmophobia in the comments, although it’s unclear which update the cards will be with or when is the release. Outside of the tweet and the image of the tarot cards, there isn’t much to go on right now. The black-and-white illustration depicts a Death card and a Moon card, among other things. It’s all a bit of a mystery, but more information should be forthcoming shortly, hopefully.

Christmas Update

  • As many of you may recall, it was stated that Phasmophobia would likely get a Christmas update. This includes fresh stuff such as a summoning circle, a tormented voodoo doll, and possibly more Ouija board questions.
  • It’s possible that there will be new ghosts. With this, it would make sense for the tarot cards to be in the next major update. Given the fact that its supposedly holiday-themed nature, might arrive at any time.

Phasmophobia exploded onto the scene in September 2020, soon becoming one of the year’s most popular indie horror games. This indie game is with a strong following among the streaming community.

Its appeal as one of the best co-op horror games to play with others stems largely from the fact that it has a unique premise. It can be enjoyed by others or even suffered solo by the courageous. As a result, the game’s developer, Kinetic Games, is eager to keep the game fresh with new material, and something new appears to be on the way.

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