Phasmophobia: Update 0.6.2 Adds 2 New Ghosts!

Phasmophobia is a Horror game that a lot of streamers are having fun playing and we are definitely excited about the coming update 0.6.2 because of the 2 new ghosts available. In this article, we will discuss some details inclusive of the update. Plus, what we know so far about the 2 new ghosts. Enjoy!

Phasmophobia: Update 0.6.2

Kinetic Games is gearing up to deliver another update to Phasmophobia, this time with more ghost species, a new map, and other improvements. To keep the fans guessing about the 0.6.2 update’s details, the developer has decided to tease us with some of its content.

What We Know So Far

Image Courtesy of Steam

In addition to a new UI, Phasmophobia will receive a unique difficulty update. In particular, players will now have ID cards that can be personalized to display their Roles and new Prestige in the game.

Image Courtesy of Steam
    Image Courtesy of Steam
    • Both of the new ghost categories in 0.6.2 have had their characteristics hidden out. Some writing is visible, but the key parts are hidden. The amount of medical equipment scattered about on the freshly redesigned Sunny Meadows Mental Institution map.
      Image Courtesy of Steam

      Image Courtesy of Steam
    • In Update 0.6.2, the Moroi looks to be the new Phasmophobia ghost. The Moroi is a vampire ghost in Romanian folklore. The spirit of a dead person who has come back from the grave to drain the life force of their victim.
    • Phasmophobia will also have a new reporting system that will allow developers to see reports, bans, and apply filters, among other things. Hopefully, this will result in abusive players getting penalties quicker.
    • Bans will also be graded based on offenses, so players will not be suspended indefinitely for committing something that is lower on the crime level. Repeat offenses, on the other hand, will lengthen the penalty and eventually result in a complete ban from online lobbies.
    • Kinetic Games published the Phasmophobia VR revamp update last month, with the goal of improving performance and fixing issues. A whole new VR system was will be available, complete with headset support and two grasping choices, including a toggle and a hold option.
    • Several of the most recent major releases have concentrated on VR improvements for Phasmophobia. Some of which had a fix last April, however, there were a few game-wide changes.
      • One of them completely overhauled the lounge and kitchen in Ridgeview, as well as rearranged the map design, such as the location of the supply room entrance in Tanglewood.
      • Finally, gamers will find it much more difficult to hide behind doors during ghost hunts.

There doesn’t appear to be anything indicating a release date for the update, but that might change very soon.

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