Phasmophobia Update v0.6.2.1 Patch Notes – All Details

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A small update for Phasmophobia dropped last Thursday. In update v0.6.2.1, there are a couple of changes that aims to improve the overall gaming experience for players. Read on to find out all the details about this latest update.

Kinetic Games released a new update focusing on bug fixes

For Phasmophobia, the last major update it had was the Truck Overhaul update. Aside from much-needed changes to the truck, it also introduced new ghosts to the game. The new ghosts introduced included Deogen, a new eerie and powerful ghost which stalks its victim and remains visible the entire time it’s chasing down a player.

And now, Kinetic Games released a small update a few days ago which aims to fix a few bugs players encountered after the Truck Overhaul update went live. There were some issues with the ghost Deogen and how it looks like when changing speeds.

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Image Courtesy of Kinetic Games

Then, Kinetic Games also introduced a new feature wherein players can distinguish what type of floor a ghost is walking on. They also fixed a bug wherein ghost footsteps can still be heard even if they are not moving around in the map.

On the other hand, what players looked forward the most to in the newest patch are the changes coming to VR. Now, VR players can view the new ghost types.

Other fixes introduced in the patch update which dropped last week focused on gameplay fixes.

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Complete patch notes for the new update in Phasmophobia

Here are all the details from Kinetic Games about the latest update for Phasmophobia.


  • Ghost footsteps now have different sounds depending on what the Ghost is walking on, similar to players


  • Updated Deogen weakness description to stop some confusion
  • Reduced the volume of the truck footstep sounds
  • Improved the rate that ghost footstep sounds play
  • Improvements to load times
  • Adjusted how the Thaye’s weakness works


  • The Thaye will now answer questions correctly
  • You can now open the new ghost type pages in VR
  • The Deogen’s speed changes are now smoother
  • Ghost footsteps will no longer play when the ghost isn’t moving, including the hunt grace period
  • Non-VR players will no longer accidentally light nearby smudge sticks when holding a candle or lighter
  • Fixed the missing characters on the tutorial tv screen for non-English languages
  • Fixed an issue where some steam names were being renamed to “reserved name”

Phasmophobia is available to purchase on Steam for $13.99. There is currently no standalone version of the game for VR. However, if you purchase Phasmophobia on Steam, you can already load it onto your VR machine.

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