Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, doesn’t think that streaming will replace traditional gaming anytime soon, if ever.

In an interview with Mexican gaming website LevelUp, Phil was asked to comment on the future of streaming video games and the cloud technology. He was asked if the time has come where consoles will simply disappear at one point, and players would prefer using screens to run through remote servers.

Phil answered, “No. There are certain scenarios where a stream game is the best answer. On a console the, best scenario for you is to download that game and play. If you are on a PC that`s capable of download and play that game, download and play that game. Not all devices are capable of playing the most demanding games that we see here on the show, so streaming is an option in those scenario, and there are some scenarios of like instant start and trials where maybe streaming on a device might be interesting, but I think for years and years the best way to play a game will be to download that game and play it. The same thing on PC. I think streaming is something that is further out in terms of it becoming a really mass marked where everybody`s doing it, and even way further out before it`s the best way to play that game if it ever is.”

“It`s about giving you a choice as a player, not about replacing what you do today.”

I’d agree with Phil’s views as cloud-based gaming has still a long way to go. There are places with poor internet connections, people with low-performing hardware and we’ll always have technical difficulties.

Cloud-based gaming could always be a supplement, but not a replacement for traditional gaming. Let me know what you think.

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  1. i dont support xbox anymore.i game on pc now and no i will not buy the same gears forza and halo.its sad this company forgot where it came from.


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