Piemonte Calcio Will Be The New Name Of Juventus In FIFA 20

As we have reported to you today, Konami has signed an exclusive agreement for Juventus. This means that Juventus will only appear within eFootball PES 2020 and not in FIFA 20. Not only that, even for the next three years the Italian champion team will be exclusive to the Japanese football game.

In FIFA 20, therefore, we will not be able to play as Juventus, but we will have to use Piemonte Calcio. This team will have a custom logo that is not original in every mode. Inside the FIFA 20 and Fifa Ultimate Team, the names and real faces of the players will still be present. What will be completely missed is the Allianz Stadium, there will now be a generic stadium.

The players of the previous chapters should not be afraid of losing the team’s name and logo. In FIFA 19 and in the previous titles everything will remain unchanged. The changes only affect FIFA 20 and the subsequent chapters. The real names will be maintained thanks to the agreement between EA and Serie A.

Tell us, what do you think? Will this limitation push you to buy eFootball PES 2020 rather than FIFA 20? Or is the partial lack of Juventus not a problem?

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