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PT has remained among of the most notable horror video games in recent memory, despite the fact that it was only a demo. A number of products have been influenced by Hideo Kojima’s announcement of the now-canceled Silent Hills. Fans of the genre hold the Konami project demo in such high regard. And eeven seven years after its release, they can’t stop thinking about it.

ROBYER1 has now turned the legendary PT hallway into a virtual reality experience. It has, in particular, reproduced the game’s scene in a program for Meta Quest (Facebook’s VR glasses previously called Oculus Quest), which can be obtained for free by CLICKING HERE. If you don’t have this device, here’s a little video of Silent Hill’s virtual reality demo in action:

Virtual Reality Frights

  • This fan project is suited for all kinds of audiences. As you can see in the clip, this program is not a remake of the preview. Rather, a VR-based adaption of the PT scene.
  • This implies we won’t be able to play the demo involving Kojima’s gruesome loop, but we will be able to roam around the house.
  • Those who want to wander peacefully without being hounded by Lisa and her sorrows will now be able to do it in a more engaging fashion than ever before.

Despite the fact that this experience is not a remake of the original game, the author advises that there will be atmospheric music, unpredictable events, and Easter eggs that will make us gasp in terror, so we shouldn’t relax too much!

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