Players Are Dying In Far Cry 6, Thanks To Assassin’s Creed Easter Egg

Far Cry 6 Anton

Players have begun to discover the world of Far Cry 6, with one week having passed since its release worldwide. There are a number of Easter eggs hidden in various aspects of the game. These are referencing other games, past projects, and other aspects of the gaming industry. Easter eggs in Far Cry 6 have references to Jurassic Park, characters from Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4, and plants from Far Cry 5. Interestingly, a reference to another Ubisoft title series, Assassin’s Creed is also included.

Assassin’s Creed Easter Eggs

While there are a number of Easter egg references to the Assassin’s Creed series itself, such as a reference to the Apples of Eden and certain weapons such as the Hidden Blades and the Spear of Leonidas, players have also something similar to the title in the game’s environment. Players familiar with Assassin’s Creed would be familiar with the Leap of Faith. This is where they can jump from a high point in a building and land in a pile of hay; while an eagle’s screech is heard.

  • Similarly, players in Far Cry 6 can find themselves in high buildings with a ledge that juts slightly over the corner, with a pile of hay directly beneath. Additionally, an eagle screech can also be heard in the background, as reported by players. Those familiar with Assassin’s Creed were tempted to attempt the Leap of Faith, but unfortunately, fell to their deaths!
  • While the visuals may strongly represent the Assassin’s Creed environment, it did not prove to be similar to the game. Several players have recorded their attempts to see if the Leap of Faith was an actual move-in Far Cry 6, showcasing that Dani Rojas, the players’ character, is no assassin.
  • Some players have pointed out that this could have been a good achievement, suggesting names such as “Splat” and “Requiescat in Pace”. Others have joked that the “faith” in the Leap of Faith has been misplaced!

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