Players Who Bought Fallout 76 Pre-Black Friday Can Claim 500 Atoms For Free

Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition

Bethesda is offering 500 compensatory Atoms to players who purchased Fallout 76 pre-Black Friday, i.e., before the game’s price dropped to $35.

Reddit user RealBaerthe shared a screenshot of him complaining about Fallout 76, to which, Bethesda apologised and offered him 500 compensatory Atoms for free.

His initial complaint was,

I bought Fallout 76, it is buggy as hell and terrible, but I like it. What I have an issue with is less than a week later it is half price? The hell? I want to know what sort of benefits people who got scammed get here?

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Where_offer_was_seen = Website
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to which, Bethesda Customer Support responded,


We’re so sorry to hear that you were not able to participate in Black Friday sales for Fallout 76! As a personal thank you from Bethesda for purchasing the game within the first few weeks, we have added 500 compensatory Atoms to your account. We hope you enjoy them, and we’ll see you in the Wasteland!

Best Regards,
Bethesda Customer Support

Here’s the screenshot –

Fallout 76 500 Atoms
Thanks, RealBaerthe!

Update (9:28AM IST): The original thread has been deleted as it received some amount of backlash from the Fallout community. However, the existing comments could still be accessed by clicking here.

On the bright side, Bethesda has started finalising manufacturing plans for replacement canvas bags for the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition. And it’s a good thing they’re acknowledging their faults and trying to work things out.

Bethesda is accepting tickets by Jan 31, 2019, on their support website. If you purchased the Power Armor edition, you can just submit a ticket and your nylon bag will be replaced with the promised canvas one.

I don’t have a personal opinion on Bethesda offering 500 Atoms to those who bought it early, but hey, you’re free to discuss! Leave a comment below and I’ll definitely join in!

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