PS4 Slim

One of the major concerns racing in the minds of producers of modern next-generation consoles is that of digital preservation. As technology advances, new hardware gets launched and is made available in the market. To keep on par with such head-fast development, software increasingly depreciates with every little change that is made.

While there will be launches of new devices and hardware where one can play the previous old software, this old hardware is bound to depreciate with time. Such is the case with consoles too. The battery and time set for such consoles are going to gradually power down. The PlayStation 4 had a serious threat hanging, which is the CMOS battery.

This battery challenged the console and threatened its longevity. This was not merely just a threat to the physical and virtual games. The issue seemed to be prevalent and consistent amongst all the PlayStation users; both current and future owners.

The PlayStation firmware 9.0 made a recent Update. With this release, it seems that finally the PlayStation CBOMB issue and bug has been fixed. And with this, all Sony PlayStation 4 consoles will be able to play both virtual and physical games on the console that too with a dead CMOS battery!

PS4 CBOMB Issue Fix

  • With the issue garnering the name of CBOMB, fans and PS4 owners began to worry about their “library of PlayStation 4 digital titles”. In the absence of the CMOS battery to keep track of both date and time, players and users had to manually set the date and time by themselves, every single time.
  • With that the console synchronizing with the help of the internet in order to stop the exploits and also helps to verify the digital games’ ownership. With the launch of the new software, these issues are solved, and further, it prevents the crashing of the console.

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