PlayStation 4 Elite Controller

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Elite Controllers Look Almost Same.

Note: It isn’t verified if this is an original Sony Product, and that it is an official PlayStation 4 Elite Controller.

Target revealed a so-called PlayStation 4 Elite Controller yesterday, which is now available for pre-order. The so-called PS4 EC is barely different than the official XOne EC. Both the Elite Controllers has a curvy design and the freedom of customizing. However, the PS4 EC is way cheaper than the XOne EC. At the end, it is finishing as a great year for PlayStation fans.

The unconfirmed PS4 Elite Controller allows the player to change the function of certain buttons. It ensures the ease of customization and gives the player full freedom to meet his requirement. Rubber-coated are the handles of the controller for more comfort and grip.

PlayStation 4 Elite Controller

The unofficial PS4 Elite Controller has new paddles for more controller customization along with switchable joystick heads. These paddles can be attached or detached with magnetic connectors. Yes, these are the same features Xbox One Elite Controller has. The paddles will allow you to map action buttons so you don’t need to move around your thumbs.

PlayStation 4 Elite Controller

You can pre-order the controller for $79.99 or Rs. 5320. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff. And yeah, thanks Mammoth Gamers!


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