PlayStation 5
Courtesy of Sony

The PlayStation 5 is here. If you want to get notified and stay updated with everything related to PS5 stock in the UK, this is the right place. With our stock tracker, you’ll be automatically notified about the PS5’s stock status, where to buy it from, where is it currently available, and if there are any restock updates, the dates, and times for the same.

Our live-blog will keep you updated with everything related to PlayStation 5 (PS5) stocks in the UK across all major retailers. This saves you time as you don’t need to refresh every retailer’s website anymore. Just keep this tab open, and if there’s an update, you’ll hear a notification *ding*.

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Amazon – Out of Stock

Very – Out of Stock

Currys PC World – Out of Stock

John Lewis – Out of Stock

Smyths Toys – Out of Stock – Out of Stock – Out of Stock

Argos – Out of Stock

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