Sony announced that PS4 and PS5 users can now link their Discord account. It marks the first time the company has made any Discord-related changes since buying a stake in the application in May 2021. The news comes on the heels of Sony’s acquisition of “Destiny 2” and “Halo” franchise developers, Bungie.

With Discord now accessible on the PS4 and PS5, users can share information through the application. They’ll be able to display activity and share their PlayStation IDs for easy connections. The integration will also mean that friends who see a player online could jump into an ongoing game. Discord also has a streaming feature that Sony may use in the future.

The company has been very aggressive and outspoken about its recent moves in response to Microsoft’s acquisitions in the past year. These include gaming giants such as Activision, Bethesda, and Blizzard. Despite the rivalry between the two developers, Microsoft extended its congratulations.

Bungie was a Microsoft partner, back when they were developing the “Halo” franchise.

After stating a desire to create more games beyond “Halo,” 343 Industries took control. It was then that Bungie began developing the “Destiny” franchise. Since then, the company has released games outside the Xbox and PC platform.

Discord integration is only available in the United States, but the expectation is that more regions will access it in the coming months. It’s release in the US acts as a test to see if the new feature will work seamlessly. Future PS Plus subscriptions may also include Discord Nitro access. With Discord becoming a more common application in the gaming space, many welcome it.

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