PlayStation Black Friday 2023: Best Top 10 Games to Get

PlayStation Black Friday 2023: Best Top 10 Games to Get

As we gear up for the holiday season, PlayStation is bringing some super exciting deals for Black Friday 2023. Whether you’re into games, consoles, or cool accessories, there’s something for everyone. Get ready for 10 days of fantastic deals! Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:

Sony PlayStation: Suggested Games to Get on Black Friday Sale 2023

  1. Marvel Spider-Man 2
    • Genre: Action
    • Description: Starts similar to previous games but evolves into a pure, fun experience with Venom and Symbiote powers—one of the Best Raw Action Games and the Best Animations of 2023.
  2. Resident Evil 4 (Remake)
    • Genre: Survival Horror
    • Description: A mix of action and survival horror with the best kicks in the business—one of the Best Survival Horror Games of 2023.
  3. Final Fantasy 16
    • Genre: Action RPG
    • Description: Dipping more into action game territory than RPG, it features phenomenal action combat, drawing inspiration from various action games—intricate combat system and over-the-top boss battles.
  4. Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
    • Genre: Mech Action
    • Description: Satisfying Mech on Mech action with endless customization options—one of the Best Weapon Arsenal of 2023. Note: The sale might be time-limited, so check online for availability.
  5. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
    • Genre: Action RPG
    • Description: A solid action RPG with a deep combat system, satisfying deflect mechanic, and minmax gear obsession—one of the Best Souls-like of 2023.
  6. Star Wars Jedi Survivor
    • Genre: Action Adventure/Open World
    • Description: Combines modern lightsaber combat with open-world elements, offering one of the best lightsaber combat experiences. Features platforming and light puzzle-solving.
  7. Octopath Traveler 2
    • Genre: Retro-style RPG
    • Description: A comforting retro-style RPG with addictive combat, introducing new mechanics and a focus on adjusting the time of day (can alter abilities and sidequests).
  8. TChia
    • Genre: Open-world Game
    • Description: An oddly creative and memorable open-world game where you can transform into various animals or objects—one of the Best Art Style of the Year.
  9. Like a Dragon: Ishin!
    • Genre: Action RPG/Brawler
    • Description: A remaster of a Yakuza spin-off game with over-the-top brawler action, a well-told story, and Yakuza’s signature weirdness.
  10. Remnant 2
    • Genre: Soulslike/Third-person Shooter
    • Description: A sequel that successfully combines the Soulslike formula with a third-person shooter. Dynamic campaign with changing level layouts and boss orders—one of the Best Shooter of 2023.

Where to Find the Deals:

  1. Deals:
    • PlayStation 5 consoles bundled with select games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.
    • DualSense wireless controllers.
    • PS5 Console Covers.
    • Select PS5, PS4, and PC titles.
  2. Participating Retailers:
    • Check local retailers for various PlayStation 5 promotions, including console bundles with games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.
  3. PlayStation Plus:
    • Save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans for new members. Current members save 25% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Extra and 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe.
    • Access to the Game Catalog and Classics Catalog with titles like Horizon Forbidden West and Ghostwire: Tokyo.
    • PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe members get streaming access to the Sony Pictures Catalog with over 100 movies.
  4. PlayStation Gear (
    • Save up to 20% on merchandise and apparel from November 17 to 27.
    • Orders over $75 from November 24 to 27 get free shipping and a PlayStation Heritage Katakana Hat.
  5. PlayStation Store:

The Scoop on Early Deals:

Sony has given us a sneak peek at some early deals. From November 17 to 27, you can grab a PS5 slim bundle with either Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III for $60 less. Also, the cool DualSense Controllers, including new colors like Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue, are down to just $49.

Digital-only fans, don’t worry! There are special discounts waiting for you on the PS Store starting November 17.

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