Jim Ryan, the CEO of PlayStation has one very particular goal in mind. He wants PlayStation’s first-party games to reach “hundreds of millions of people”. He stated that he hopes to expand the studio’s audience, but also that platform exclusivity. This is common for the PS platform, only serves to limit games’ reach by platforms.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Ryan stated that gaming is reaching wider than ever before; that this holds important implications for the ones that make the games.

“When you think about the implications of that for the people who make games and the people who play games, that’s potentially really amazing and really powerful.”
– Jim Ryan

Ryan observed that while music and movies are being enjoyed by a limitless audience, the same cannot be said truthfully for games. While PlayStation makes some of the “finest entertainment that has been made anywhere in the world”, he stated, the games have been gated off from a wide range of audiences.

Courtesy of Bethesda
  • Deathloop, which was released very recently and was very well received by the audience, is however exclusive to the PlayStation platform for a period of one year.
  • This had greatly disappointed fans of the developers of the game, Arkane, and Bethesda, which was recently acquired by PS. Even Call of Duty, which is a multi-platform game, has seen PS timed-exclusive modes and remasters.
  • PlayStation has invested in PC ports for its games over the last year. However, the exclusivity period is being used to space out the time between console release and PC release by a year or even more.
  • Changes have been observed in the availability of games on other platforms. Unfortunately, the time period that exists between the different platform releases still exists. This can be frustrating for fans who do not have access to a PS console.

In this context, the PlayStation CEO wants to see a world where a wider range of gamers can enjoy the games that are built by the gaming giant. This will make them more accessible to more people than ever before.

Check out the whole interview below:

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