PlayStation Classic Announced; Will Arrive With 20 Pre-Loaded Titles

PlayStation Classic

Sony has just announced the new PlayStation Classic console, a miniaturised version of the original PlayStation console that released almost 25 years ago. The console will arrive with over 20 pre-loaded genre-defining titles including titles like Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

The PlayStation Classic will come with an HDMI cable and two controllers for games supporting local multiplayer. The PlayStation Classic looks and feels just like the original console but 45% smaller. However, there won’t be an AC adaptor, so you’ll have to charge it through a bundled USB Cable.

The mini console will hit western stores on 3rd December and will cost $99.99 (almost Rs. 7,262 in India and €99.99 in European countries). For Indian consumers, we don’t know if the console will arrive anytime soon. We’ve inquired Sony India regarding the matter and will update this article when we have an official answer.

PlayStation Classic
Retro Box Art (Source: Kotaku)
PlayStation Classic
Size comparison between the PlayStation Classic (left) and the original PlayStation (right) (Source: Kotaku)
PlayStation Classic
Box Contents (Source: Kotaku)

Apart from the five aforementioned games, Sony hasn’t commented about the remaining fifteen titles that’ll come with the console. Maybe it’s a side-mission for us to explore?

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