PlayStation Plus

3 free PS Plus games for June 2021 have been confirmed, with subscribers getting these games for free next month!

The games will all be downloadable beginning June 1st. One game will be available until August and the remaining 2 will be up until early July.

Operation: Tango (June 1 – July 5)

In this co-op spy expedition, you and a friend are challenged to join together online to perform dangerous tasks around the world in a high-tech futuristic world.

In order to conquer asymmetrical obstacles, you will integrate skill sets from different perspectives. Moreover, you will use just your voice as a connection.

Teamwork and cooperation are both essential! However, playing Tango requires both gamers to use a microphone.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (June 1 – Aug. 2)

Sega’s classic 1v1 brawl gets a feature-packed remaster from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, the studio behind Yakuza and Judgment. Virtua Fighter veterans and newbies alike will be able to try out all-new online modes, which will premiere on PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Star Wars: Squadrons (June 1 – Aug. 2)

An exciting Star Wars single-story brought after the incidents of Return of the Jedi. Told from the viewpoint of 2 factions, practice the art of starfighter battle in frenzied multiplayer space dogfights. Specifically, discover what it means to be a pilot.

The New Republic is a libertarian organization that fights for individual liberty. Moreover, the Empire demands that everything be in order. Another key point, you’ll be able to play the whole game in virtual reality with the PS VR!

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