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There have been talks and rumors about the next big PlayStation Showcase scheduled this May 2023, just in time before the Summer Game Fest takes place on June 8. As with the previous PlayStation Showcases, we can expect many exciting things from one of the world’s biggest video gaming companies. Here is what we know about the possible upcoming PlayStation Showcase. Stay with us!

What to expect from the PlayStation Showcase

Many reports have been coming out since early April about the biggest PlayStation Showcase coming soon. During the event, publishers will reveal more about their upcoming projects and share the latest news on some of the most-awaited titles of the year. These titles include Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Mortal Kombat 12. The rumored showcase might give us a closer and better look at the Silent Hill game releasing exclusively on the PlayStation 5!

Jeff Grubb: "Safe to say the PlayStation Showcase will happen in May"
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On the other hand, Sony may even make a few hardware announcements during the event. Various reports confirming a PS5 Pro is 100% happening have just taken the Internet by storm. Both of these couldn’t simply be coincidences, no?

Given that this isn’t a simple State of Play showcase, there is a lot of exciting stuff to expect from Sony during the PlayStation Showcase. From upcoming titles to gameplay reveals, it sure looks like 2023 is an exciting year ahead for Sony.

The PS5 Pro could be officially announced at the PlayStation Showcase

According to reliable PS leaker Tom Henderson, the PS5 Pro is “100% in development” over at Sony. It is also said that the company plans to send out dev kits to their first-party studios. If this turns out to be true, we’re one step closer to getting an even more powerful current-gen console from Sony.

We might even get a glimpse of what Sony has planned for the PS5 Pro during the showcase. Other PlayStation accessories making their appearance at the showcase could be the VR2 and even the PS5 that features a detachable drive.

However, it’s best to take this information with a grain of salt, as Sony has not yet confirmed anything.

The showcase is rumored to take place in the last week of May

With all the hype surrounding Sony’s biggest PlayStation Showcase, there have been many online discussions about when it would take place. Some of the reports being talked about in the community claim that the showcase takes place on May 25.

However, some insiders haven’t exactly confirmed the date of the showcase. What we know is that Sony plans to make it happen before Summer Game Fest on June 8.

  • Of course, there are other days for them to choose from. Just keep in mind that previous PlayStation Showcases have always happened on either a Wednesday or Thursday.
  • If all talks about a big showcase are true, then we can expect an announcement from Sony anytime now. Usually, Sony announces their showcases one to two days before the scheduled date.

Games that could be highlighted at the showcase

The best thing about showcases like this is that we get updates and announcements of games coming to the PlayStation consoles this year. One of the games everyone, including us, looks forward to is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. As of writing, the game does not have a final release date. All we know is that we’re getting the game this year. However, more information about the game could be revealed at the rumored PlayStation Showcase coming in a few weeks.

  • Insomniac Games can also use this opportunity to show us more of what’s to come in their own Wolverine game. They could even get creative with the trailer and have Spidey and Logan interact, who knows?
  • The Last of Us Multiplayer is one of the titles most players look forward to. Following the success of both the games and the TV show, it’s likely that Guerilla will capitalize on this and release a new online multiplayer game.
  • The showcase will let us know more about Bloober Team’s progress on the Silent Hill 2 remake. Although the project has already been confirmed, we still don’t have a final release date.
  • During the PlayStation Showcase, it’s possible that new IPs are going to be announced by Sony’s studios. We would love to know if Sony Santa Monica has plans for a new God of War game.
  • Even though we’d just gotten the Burning Shores DLC, it would be awesome if Guerilla Games announced a new Horizon project in development.

Summer 2023 is shaping up to be a great time for gamers

With all this being said, we haven’t gotten an official announcement from Sony regarding a PlayStation Showcase. However, we have our fingers crossed that the event will take place later this month.

Aside from the PlayStation Showcase, we’ve also got the Summer Game Fest to look forward to! What do you want to see in the PlayStation Showcase that’s rumored to happen soon? Feel free to share your thoughts with us and other gamers in the comments below! For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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