Sony has developed a voting feature that allows game viewers to kick or eject players from the game. The patent was discovered in January 2020, and the certificate was endorsed this week. In principle, it refers to the ability to vote for the player who is performing the worst, send caution notifications to encourage them to improve their game, or even pay (with play or real money) to exit the game.

  • Its entry, just like several other patents, does not imply it’s use. However, it might make sense in specific games intended as a spectacle for the community to engage in decision-making; a kind of democratic attribute.
  • Audiences on Twitch, for instance, may vote for the gamer with the worst efficiency. They may also send warnings and send a specific message, according to Sony. If a user’s number of evictions reaches a certain threshold, he or she will be removed from the game.
  • The patent also mentions incorporating animations of the ejected gamer or cues that signify the justification for their action to the other participants and viewers.
  • Other concepts include the prospect of paying to vote, either with actual money or system currency, a standard rate, a percentage, or even bids for this auction, and the votes of audiences with greater skill or level will have more decision-making authority in the vote.
Image Courtesy of US Patent & Trademark Office

Effects on E-Sports

In recent times, Sony has shown an interest in esports, with competitions such as Gran Turismo Sport and the acquirement of the widely known fighting tournament Evolution Championship Series (Evo). The patent, that being said, appears to be geared toward team virtual sports, including multiplayer showdowns or soccer matches between 2 groups, rather than independent tournaments.

SOURCE: US Patent and Trademark Office

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