The schedule for the upcoming PlayStation State of Play has been set! PlayStation’s next exposition will take place in just two days. This will be on Thursday, the 8th of June, at 5:00PM (EST), as previously announced by the company. Deathloop will be the focal point of the 30-minute presentation. Including more than nine minutes of Arkane’s upcoming game being demonstrated!

State of Play

This week’s State of Play will begin streaming live at 5:00PM (EST) on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch official channels.

  • In addition, PlayStation will show off a number of up-and-coming third-party and indie games, none of which have been named. Sony went further to explain that some of its upcoming blockbusters will be absent from the event. Within the next 2 days, don’t get your hopes too high for anything related to God of War.

“This showcase will not include updates on the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or the next generation of PlayStation VR,”

  • To be fair, anyone hoping for more information on Horizon Forbidden West has already been spoiled. A lot of the game’s gameplay and new information was featured in one of the latest State of Play introductions.

You have every liberty to be interested in learning more about the upcoming God of War game. Only the name Ragnarok was known, and even that was only a teaser, according to PlayStation. The saving grace for God of War followers is that, shortly after telling them not to get their spirits up for this week’s State of Play, they added that news on other titles would come later in the summer.

While it may not include some of the massive games you’d like to see more of, the showcase of new Deathloop details may be enough to get you pumped up. Arkane’s latest release, which is now set to arrive in September, is a unique title that could easily win Game of the Year!


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