Poeltl Player Silhouette, Photo Courtesy of poeltl.dunk.town

Don’t you just love the smell of basketballs in the morning? (Apocalypse Now, everyone? No? Okay.)

The Wordle craze has been taking the internet by storm. It continues to surprise its fans with spinoffs after spinoffs after spinoffs. To be honest, we just can’t get enough of it!

We have already come a long way since the game was first released. From guessing a 5-letter word (Wordle) to guessing a Pokemon (Sqwordle), and now an NBA-inspired clone, POELTL, that lets us guess a Mystery Player every day.

That being said, let us kick things off by guessing a mystery NBA player today!

But first, how do we even play this game?

Poeltl Game Details, Photo Courtesy of poeltl. dunk.town
  • You will be given 8 guesses to find out who the mystery player is for the day
  • These are the hints that will be seen after each guess: Team, Conference, Division, Position, Height, Age, and Team Number.
  • Very much like Wordle and its clones, getting a Green Column indicates a match while a Yellow Column means you are very close to a match. The Grey column, on the other hand, just means you’re quite not there yet.

Player of the Day Hints and Clues

  • A 6-fokt-8 forward who has been in the league since 2007
  • Played for teams like the Sixers, Pacers, Bulls, Nets, Timberwolves, Spurs, and Raptors
  • A solid bucket who averaged more than 10 points in 12 straight seasons (2008-2020)
  • Scroll down for the answer

Everybody just can’t get enough of Worldle and its spinoffs. Mind you, it’s still trending even until now! We will probably see more similar games in the near future.




Thaddeus Young

Wordle keeps on giving birth to new spinoffs and clones. As a result, there is a great chance we will see more spinoffs this year! What do you think would be next? NFL? FIFA? Make sure you come back here at Spiel Times for a daily update of clues and answers!    

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