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We will discuss our Pokemon Top 10 Easiest Gym Leaders in this article. Feel free to add who you think should be included to the list by leaving a comment in the section provided below. Enjoy!

The strongest trainers in each town are known as Gym Leaders in the Pokémon games. They are all the final tests to see whether a trainer is prepared to proceed to the next stage of your adventure. There are eight in each region, each of whom specializes in a particular type and style. Many of them are also adept at accounting for their deficiencies.


Gym Leader


  • We have Diamond and Pearl Byron, one of the easiest gym leaders in the entire series.
    • His entire team only manages to reach level 39, making them significantly weaker than his Platinum counterpart.
    • As defensive Pokemon, Bronzor and Bastiodon aren’t typically dangerous, and the Basiodon’s moveset only includes special moves in contrast to Platinum’s superior Stone Edge and Metal Burst.
    • Steelix is the only major threat, although even then, Gyro Ball, which it uses only sometimes, won’t deal much damage unless it’s extremely effective.
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  • He gained around 5 levels of every Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon, bringing him up to pace with the player.
    • However, prior to the remake, his team only included members in their high 30s, and the group was not especially dangerous.
    • With its average stats and newly discovered weakness to Fairy kinds, Sableye is no threat, and neither is the Persian. It is not a particularly powerful Pokemon overall, despite having a Z move.
    • By far the biggest threat is Krokorok, but by the time the player reaches the 75 percent mark, they have a ton of alternatives to defeat one, including almost any Fairy, Fighting, Water, Grass, Ice, or Bug-type Pokemon.
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  • In Pokémon Black & White 2, Roxie is the second Gym Leader and has a really amazing aesthetic of being a guitarist in a rock band.
    • She is a poison-type gym leader, but sadly her combat abilities are lacking.
    • None of Roxie’s three members are dangerous unless the player has challenge mode enabled.
    • Furthermore, none of Roxie’s poison types can properly harm steel types. At this point, catching steel types is simple.
    • You can either catch a Magnemite south of the city, or you can evolve the Riolu you caught earlier at Floccesy Ranch into a Lucario.
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  • The Gen 2 Bugsy is next, equipped with two cocoons and a Scyther.
    • Currently, Growlithe’s strongest move is Fury Cutter, which takes some time to set up in a game when other Pokemon like Geodude, Pidgey, Mareep, Spearow, and Growlithe are also available.
    • The cocoons provide an excellent opportunity to use setup maneuvers even if the Fury Cutter does turn out to be dangerous.
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  • Brock was supposed to lay the groundwork for the next gym leader challenges as Kanto’s first gym leader.
    • Brock’s rock-type Pokémon are typically easy prey. Due to their 4x vulnerabilities to water and grass types as well as their low speed, two of the three starter Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Blue, and their remakes may easily dispatch Brock’s Geodude and Onix.
    • Given their weak special defense, Brock’s Pokémon can be damaged even by a fire-type move.
    • By neglecting to address the water and grass vulnerabilities and providing Brock with two fossil Pokémon that are vulnerable to electric types the remakes simply serve to worsen the issue.
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  • Koga, the gym leader of Fuchsia City, joined the Johto Elite Four, thus his daughter Janine, who uses poison types like him, took his place.
    • Janine’s Pokémon have levels that are remarkably lower than those of the majority of the Kanto gym leaders in Johto’s end game.
    • When the typical player challenges Janine, their team’s level will likely be significantly higher than hers, rendering Janine’s team vulnerable to heavy damage from neutral hits and outpacing.
    • Janine’s squad is unable to achieve the same results while adopting the same strategies as her father’s team.
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  • Wulfric is one of the easiest last gym battles there is.
    • His Abomasnow and Avalugg, who both use the ice type, are easily defeated by any special fire-type attack, or any fire-type move in the case of the former.
    • There is no defense against fire-type attacks for any member of Wulfric’s crew.
    • Abomasnow’s incomplete moveset only serves to make the situation more absurd. Wulfric’s squad moves quite slowly.
    • Because Avalugg has a poor defense and Cryogonal has low special defense, both suffer a significant amount of damage from every special move.
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  • Steel types and the sixth gym leader were introduced in Generation II. Jasmine was intended to serve as the premier example of the strength of steel kinds. She sadly didn’t live up to the hype.
    • Jasmine and her team were unable to demonstrate the many varieties of steel and their applications because they lacked subordinates.
    • Though they are at an evolutionary level where they may evolve, Jasmine’s two Magnemite are still in their primitive state.
    • Due to their lack of mass and speed as unevolved Pokémon, they are then easily defeated by anything extremely potent.
    • Additionally, they generally fail to hit ground-type targets. Due to its slowness and weak special defense, Steelix will probably be defeated by a fire-type move in an instant.
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  • The fire-types in the game are quite effective on offense, have a solid matchup versus many other types, and can resist them. Blaine, the sixth gym leader in Kanto, is sadly lacking in impressive skills.
    • Water types and fire types have a regrettable weakness in common. A Pokémon must be taught the water type move Surf in order to access the gym on Cinnabar Island.
    • Blaine is a walk in the park because of Surf’s respectable base power and the team’s strong defensive play.
    • Fire Spin, which some of his allies can use to paralyze opponents, has questionable precision and weak base power, especially against water kinds. The immobilizing property of Fire Spin is also gone in Generation II games.
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  • Grass types are a liability because of their many disadvantages. Ramos, the gym leader, regrettably has a lot of disadvantages due to having grass types.
    • His Jumpluff is quick but weak, making it vulnerable to being defeated by a stronger type. Weepinbell is essentially in the same situation as other unevolved Pokémon because of this.
    • Bulldoze from Ramos’ Gogoat can surprise fire types. Even so, though, the physical aspect is lacking. Even worse, save from Weepinbell, none of Ramos’ Pokémon have complete move sets.
    • It and Jumpluff are unable to utilize their Chlorophyll ability since they lack Sunny Day.
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Our list includes two more trainers that somewhat may be considered weak gym leaders due to their disadvantages during the battle.

A few Gym Leaders have fallen short of expectations over the years by being a little too easy to defeat. Despite the fact that they could first emerge later in the game, some gym leaders are simpler to defeat than their predecessors.

In addition, even though some Gym Leaders are tougher than others, they are not intended to be featured. In spite of everything, here are the series’ Honorable Mention gym leaders.




  • Players can finally gain entrance to the Mahogany Town gym after defeating Team Rocket at their hiding place in the town. There is Pryce, the ice-type Pokémon user, and the seventh Johto gym leader, inside.
    •  Dewgong and Pryce’s Seel lack water-type moves, giving fire-types an advantage.
    • They frequently rely on Rest, making them vulnerable to two turns of the battle.
    • Not only is Pryce’s top Pokémon, Piloswine, vulnerable to all three starter Pokémon, but it also has a lower level than the top Pokémon of the sixth gym leader.
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  • Wattson’s Ruby and Sapphire team, though, needs improvement. He poses less danger when accompanied by a team of Magneton, Voltorb, and Magnemite.
  • Shock Wave is the group’s strongest electric-type move.
  • Although he’s not the easiest opponent, he is nothing compared to his Emerald counterpart.
  • With the inclusion of Manetric as a Pokemon and then Voltorb’s skill – Self Destruct, he becomes a significantly greater menace.
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We’ve come to the conclusion now.  It’s possible that someone slipped on our list, but for now, they are the easiest gym leaders in Pokemon.
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