Pokemon Gym Leader
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What is Pokemon without a little gym challenge, right? Let’s begin our list of the 10 hardest Gym Leaders in Pokemon! Feel free to share your rankings below!

10 Raihan

Pokemon Gym Leader Raihan
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We have Galar region’s gym leader Raihan running the 10th spot. This gym leader and his eternal love for Dragon-type Pokemon. He is addressed as the strongest gym leader in Galar despite his greatest rival, Leon. Raihan can use weather effects in battling like sandstorms and harsh sunlights, which takes him apart from other Dragon-type trainers! He gives the Dragon Badge to Trainers that can defeat him!

Raihan LOVES taking selfies on his Rotom Phone, as he is introduced in Generation VIII. He may be acknowledged as the strongest in Galar but there isn’t much to remember about his battling skills. But fighting him is sure tough! Additionally, having the best Dragon-type Pokemon gave them their place here. Plus, a strong sense of fashion never gets out of style, right? So check him for that too!

9 Valerie

Pokemon Gym Leader Valerie
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Stealing the 9th rank is Kalos region’s Valerie. Introduced in Generation VI, Valerie holds the Fairy Badge, and with that being said, brought the Fairy-type in Pokemon (X and Y, to be specific). This long-blacked hair fairy-like gym leader also trains Dark- and Dragon-type Pokemons too. Beware! Also, once defeated in battle, she gives the Fairy Badge to her opponent.

Valerie has always trained these cute Pokemons leaving other trainers off-guard, and yes, defeated. Her Fairy-type pokemon roster is no joke, as they can (literally!) sweep other trainers’ Pokemons. This type has full immunity against Dragon-type, and with a superb percentage in Special Defense, surely Valerie and her Fairy-type is a real deal. However, we might have chosen stronger gym leaders ahead!

8 Wallace

Pokemon Gym Leader Wallace
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Moving forward to our 8th rank, Gym Leader turned to Champion, Hoenn’s Wallace! He surely is one of the hardest to fight in the gym leader’s category. Aside from his Water-type Pokemons, his ice-tiled puzzle gym in the Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is one of the most challenging gyms to go in!

Moreover, he is introduced in Generation III, he is a tall, young man, with light blue eyes and teal blue hair. His love for Water-type Pokemons is the key to his countless victories. Wallace is a calm and elegant gym leader, but surely could sweep you, and even Juan could not reach his battling level skills! He awards the Rain Badge to any Trainers who can defeat him.

7 Clair

Pokemon Gym Leader Clair
Image Courtesy of Jovick Art via Kind PNG

Blackthorn City’s final gym leader takes the 7th spot in the hardest gym leaders on our list, Clair. Well, this Generation II specializing in Dragon-type Pokemons is just hard to beat. When she throws out Dragonair or her Kingdra, you can shiver right here, right now (if you have not trained enough!).

Just a little note, in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, one of her Dragonair is replaced with a Gyarados! Also, she has three Dragonairs, by the way. One more challenging part in battling Clair? You have to go through two parts, yes, TWO PARTS. When you think all of it is done, here comes Clair AGAIN. You can only receive the Rising Badge when you defeat her twice. Good luck, Trainers!

6 Norman

Pokemon Gym Leader Norman
Image Courtesy of MikuMikuKnight via DeviantArt

Coming in the sixth rank in this list, Petalburg City’s Norman. When you start playing Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, we’re pretty sure you met Norman’s son, Brendan.  Introduced in Generation III, Norman specializes in Normal-type Pokemons. He wears his long red jacket, blue-gray pants, and black boots (in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, and Emerald). While the image above is when Norman appeared in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Additionally, Norman hails from Hoenn too (they have many powerful gym leaders!). He uses his Slaking that attacks and hits too hard for underprepared Pokemons and trainers to battle. Just a couple of attacks like its Truant ability, and Yawn, you might just want to pack up if you can’t counter that. You should consider battling this Trainer-Pokemon duo with a quick and strong Fighting-type Pokemon! Also, Norman offers his Balance Badge to anyone who can defeat him, just so you know!

5 Tate and Liza

Pokemon Gym Leader Tate and Liza
Image Courtesy of hotcore.info

Battling one gym leader is hard, but have you tried battling twins? Catching the fifth place are Mossdeep City’s twins, Tate and Liza. The twins are introduced in Generation III, alongside the tag-team battles. Since you have to battle two Pokemons at a time, you should have your Pokemons ready to fight as well. This Psychic-type Pokemons of Tate and Liza are created for tag-team battles.

Their attacks are completely in synchronization as one attacks, while the other one aids, or vice versa, making it hard for them to defeat. Moreover, the confusing arrows in their gym are too much of a challenge already! So don’t forget to train harder with double battles, and strengthen your Pokemons (multi-hitting attacks would be a major help!). Once you successfully defeat the Psychic-type twins, you’re handed over the Mind Badge.

4 Elesa

Pokemon Gym Leader Elesa
Image Courtesy of madoldcrow1105 via DeviantArt

Just a short miss for a podium finish, Unova region’s Elesa places fourth on our hardest gym leaders in Pokemon. This Electric-type Pokemon fan is introduced in Generation V in Pokemon Black and White. Non-Pokemon fans mostly know Pikachu, well, she just has pika-pika-Pikachu evolved to its last form, Raichu. Elesa hails from the city of Nimbasa, and is a supermodel too!

With her appearance as a tall, young woman, and those beautiful blue eyes! And as a supermodel, yep, she designed her gym just like a catwalk. She is fond of sharing jokes and puns (not really nice puns, just so you know) with other people and of course, with trainers who battle her too. Since she is fond of Electric-type Pokemons, she holds an Emolga, Flaaffy, Raichu, and Zebstrika. You might want to defeat Elesa for you to be given the Bolt Badge.

3 Koga

Pokemon Gym Leader Koga
Image Courtesy of Gen Ay via Kind PNG

Grabbing a seat at the podium, Koga enters the third rank on our list. He was introduced in Generation I and Kanto’s former gym leader and is now part of the Elite Four in Johto. Koga’s original appearance includes his famous ninja outfit, spiky black hair, and his red scarf. However, his outfit in the image above was the latest, with purple outlines added to his ninja outfit, along with braces on his legs and bands on his wrists. Also, you might get intimidated by Koga’s boastful words though.

Koga receives third place because he specializes in Poison-type Pokemons. He started the use of Poison-type in Pokemon, by the way. Also, what hurts during a battle against this type? The invisible, extra damage it gives to its opponents throughout the match. Additionally, have you entered his gym? One of the craziest designs because who put invisible walls in their gymnasiums?! Only Koga, yep. Once you defeat this gym leader, he gives you the Soul Badge.

2 Blue

Pokemon Gym Leader Blue
Image Courtesy of Doublefoutdoors via Kind PNG

Another Kanto-represent in our list who snatches the second rank is Blue. You can see Blue in Pallet Town, Kanto, as he has introduced in Generation I. He is surely a competitive rival, well, rude since he is not good at accepting defeats too. Well, he has not designed his gymnasium in the Pokemon Red and Blue version. Regardless of the gym designs, of course, he’s a gym leader so can you guess why he’s our second?

Keeping him different from all the other gym leaders, Blue does not use specific Pokemon types. Yes, unpredictability is his strength as a gym leader in Pokemon. He does not stick to one type, and also, does not stay in his gym and you can see him wandering around. Fans love Blue though, especially after knowing that Professor Oak is his grandfather! Moreover, he gives the Earth Badge to trainers who can defeat him. Visit him and get ready for an unpredictable battle!

1 Sabrina

Pokemon Gym Leader Sabrina
Image Courtesy of Aman Kharbanda via Kind PNG

Now, we have come to the hardest gym leader to battle on our list and none other than Sabrina. We can consider her the master of Psychic-type Pokemon. What sets her apart from the gym leaders and what makes her the hardest to battle? Well, you see, the twins are the other Psychic-type Pokemon fanatic. Yes, Sabrina acquires the same psychic ability, however, this ability is actual telepathy with her Pokemons.

She may dislike battling, but Sabrina is always battle-ready alongside her powerful roster of Pokemon (it includes Ghost types too!). She also hails from the Kanto region in Saffron City, and first appeared in Generation I, in Pokemon Red and Green. Also, her gym design is a headache with all the warp panels around. When defeated, Sabrina awards the trainers with the Marsh Badge. However, when Dark-type Pokemons came, she found some more weaknesses. Yet, Sabrina is always remembered as one of the hardest gym leaders to battle still!

That’s it for now, Trainers. There may be leaders that aren’t on our list, so make sure to drop yours below!

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